Delicious Microwave Oven Recipes For Lunch

Lunchtime doesn’t have to be a boring affair! With microwave ovens, you can whip up delicious meals in no time.

From savory soups and sandwiches to hearty pastas and pizzas – there’s something for everyone!

No need to slave over the stove; with just a few simple ingredients and our amazing recipes, you’ll have wholesome lunches ready before you know it.

So let’s get cooking!

Easy Mac And Cheese

Preparing a delicious meal for lunch doesn’t have to require hours of slaving in the kitchen.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up something satisfying and nourishing with minimal effort.

This easy mac and cheese recipe is the perfect example: it’s made with instant noodles, vegetarian chili, and all your favorite seasonings – ready in minutes!

Just pop everything into the microwave oven and let it do its magic while you relax or take care of other tasks around the house.

It’s an ideal solution when time is short but hunger pangs are strong; simply add some fresh herbs or veggies on top for a tasty finish that’ll leave everyone asking for seconds!

Spinach And Feta Cheese Quesadilla

This Spinach and Feta Cheese Quesadilla is packed with flavor – all you need are a few simple ingredients and a few minutes in the microwave! Let’s get started by gathering the ingredients, then I’ll take you through the preparation steps.


When it comes to making a delicious spinach and feta cheese quesadilla, the ingredients you’ll need are simple.

A shopping list of items such as flour tortillas, baby spinach leaves, crumbled feta cheese, minced garlic, olive oil and salt will have you ready for meal planning in no time!

Additionally, if desired some diced onion can be added to give your dish an extra flavor kick.

With all these components gathered together, you’re set to create a flavorful lunchtime delight that’s sure to satisfy any appetite.

So get cooking!


Now you’re ready to prepare your quesadilla!

Start by heating a large skillet over medium heat with olive oil.

Then add the garlic, onion (if using) and baby spinach leaves. Saute until spinach is wilted, stirring often. Once cooked through, remove from pan and set aside in a bowl.

To assemble the quesadillas, place two flour tortillas on a flat surface and sprinkle each one with feta cheese then top with the sautéed spinach mixture. Carefully fold each quesadilla in half and press down to seal them shut.

Place both of your folded quesadillas back into the skillet that was used for cooking the spinach and cook each side for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.

If you’re short on time you can always use the microwave instead – just be sure not to overcook them!

Serve warm with your favorite condiments like salsa for easy ideas that will take your dish up another level of flavor complexity.


Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

After the savory flavors of a spinach and feta cheese quesadilla, it’s time to take things up a notch with Mediterranean stuffed peppers. This delicious dish is full of healthy alternatives, making it an ideal lunch option. Plus, best of all, you can have these tasty treats ready in no time!

Stuffed peppers are quick to prepare and require minimal ingredients. All you need is some bell peppers that’ve been cut lengthwise and seeded, cooked brown rice or quinoa (or your favorite grain), crumbled feta cheese, chopped olives, sundried tomatoes and freshly chopped parsley for flavor.

Simply combine all the filling ingredients together in a bowl until fully combined then stuff each pepper half generously before popping them into the microwave oven for about 8-10 minutes. The results? Crispy yet juicy on the inside peppers filled with goodness!

Enjoy this easy and nutritious meal any day of the week – think of it as taking your taste buds on an unforgettable journey to Greece without leaving home!

Eggplant Parmigiana

For this delicious Eggplant Parmigiana recipe, you’ll need a few key ingredients like eggplant, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese. It’s also great to have some herbs and spices on hand to add extra flavor. Preparing this dish is easy; all you need to do is slice the eggplant, layer it with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, and then pop it in the microwave oven.


When it comes to the ingredients for an eggplant parmigiana, there are a few staples that you’ll need.

You’ll want some eggplant slices and your favorite tomato sauce, as well as grated cheese and breadcrumbs to give it a crunchy topping.

For microwave techniques, use a bowl or plate with high sides so the steam can build up while cooking; this will ensure even cooking times.

Be sure to keep an eye on the dish while microwaving in short bursts until everything is cooked through – no one wants soggy eggplant!

When done right, this meal should be delicious and satisfying.

Preparation Steps

Once you have all your ingredients ready to go, it’s time to start prepping!

To save some time, try using quick tips like slicing the eggplant into medallions instead of rounds. This will help speed up cooking times and also give a unique texture to the dish.

Additionally, if you’re pressed for time, skip marinating the eggplant slices and just toss them in olive oil before cooking – this can shave off five minutes or more from meal prep!

When everything is cut and ready to cook, you’ll be well on your way to a delicious dinner.

Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

For a comforting yet delicious lunch, try grilling up some cheese sandwiches and heating up a bowl of tomato soup. This classic combo is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Start by prepping the grilled sandwich; butter one side of two slices of bread, add generous servings of shredded cheddar cheese on top, then place the other piece of bread – buttered-side down – onto each slice. Heat up an oven or microwave safe skillet over medium heat and cook until the bottom sides are golden brown and the cheese has melted between them. Then flip it over for another minute or two until both sides have been evenly heated.

Serve with a steaming hot cup of creamy tomato soup – either homemade or store bought. It’s as easy and simple as that!

There’s nothing quite like this warm, cheesy combination to brighten up any day.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Ah, loaded baked potato soup – the perfect combination of creamy and savory for a winter lunch. This mouthwatering dish will have you dreaming about its delightful flavor all day long!

Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it’s also surprisingly easy to make in your microwave oven with just a handful of simple ingredients. To give this comforting soup an extra kick, use full-fat cream or Greek yogurt as a creamy substitute – they’ll make the texture more luxurious without compromising on taste.

For those looking for lighter alternatives, try replacing potatoes with cauliflower florets or diced zucchini instead. You can even add some smoked paprika or garlic powder if you’re feeling adventurous! Whichever substitution option you choose, we promise that this delicious classic won’t disappoint; it’s sure to become a regular staple in your lunchtime rotation.

Avocado And Cheese Toast

This delicious recipe for avocado and cheese toast is incredibly simple to make. It only requires a few ingredients, like avocados, cheese, and bread, and is ready in no time. To serve, you can top with a few extra slices of cheese or sprinkle with some chili flakes for an extra kick of flavor. Enjoy!


For this delicious avocado and cheese toast, you’ll need some good-quality bread, ripe avocados, sharp cheddar cheese, olive oil and some seasonings.

To make your life easier in the kitchen, try prepping all of the ingredients ahead of time to save on meal planning – slice the bread and shred or cube the cheese before starting!

If you want to add a touch of extra flavor, sauté the sliced bread with a bit of olive oil first.

Finally, layer slices of avocado and shredded cheese onto each piece of toast for a salty snack that will fill you up until dinner.



Now that you have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go, it’s time to get cooking!

Reheating meals can be a breeze with this simple recipe – just pop the toast in the oven for about 8-10 minutes at 350°F. You’ll know it’s done when the cheese is melted and bubbling. Cooking times may vary slightly depending on how crisped or charred you want your toast to turn out, so keep an eye on it while it’s baking.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a delicious snack any time of day!

Serving Suggestions

Now that your toast is ready, it’s time to dig in!

Serve it up with a side of salsa or guacamole for an extra kick.

This avocado and cheese toast makes the perfect snack – quick and easy to make, and full of flavor.

For leftover ideas, try slicing the toast into small pieces and topping them off with a poached egg for breakfast.

There are endless possibilities when you have this delicious snack on hand.


Veggie Pizza Pocket

Move over pepperoni – veggie pizza pockets are here! These tasty treats are sure to become a lunchtime favorite. With pre-made pizza crusts, fresh veggies and your favorite sauce, these pocket pizzas pack an unbeatable flavor punch.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

  • Pre-made pizza dough or store bought crusts
  • Your favorite vegetable toppings (such as mushrooms, peppers, olives, and onions)
  • Marinara or Alfredo sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese

Start by rolling out the pizza dough in a thin layer on a lightly floured surface. Cut into 4 equal rectangles with a knife or pizza cutter. Top each rectangle with some marinara or Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese and your chosen veggie toppings.

Fold the rectangles in half and press down along the edges to tightly seal shut. Place on a greased baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown.

Enjoy your delicious homemade Veggie Pizza Pockets hot from the oven!

Chili Cheese Nachos

Chili cheese nachos are a delicious and versatile lunchtime meal. The possibilities for fun toppings and combinations of flavors, textures, and colors are practically endless! Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or savory, chili cheese nachos have got your back.

Let’s take a look at some creative topping ideas to help make your next batch of chili cheese nachos truly epic:

ToppingSpicy?Cheese Type
Salsa VerdeMildlyMonterey Jack
Chili con CarneYesMozzarella
Pico de GalloNoCotija

These toppings will add layers of flavor and texture to your chili cheese nacho masterpiece – from crunchy jalapenos to creamy melted cheeses. For an extra kick of spice, try adding chorizo or a sprinkle of hot sauce on top! Together with classic ingredients like refried beans, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole, these tasty toppings will be sure to make every bite unforgettable. So go ahead and get creative with all sorts of combos that work for you – after all, it’s always more fun when you can customize it to suit your unique tastes. Enjoy!

Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Making a delicious egg and cheese sandwich in your microwave oven is an excellent choice for portable lunches or meal prep ideas.

This dish is incredibly easy to make, with only three ingredients needed: eggs, cheese slices of your choice, and bread. You can even customize the sandwich by adding additional toppings such as ham, bacon, tomatoes, onions, etc.

To get started you’ll need a plate that’s microwave-safe and large enough to fit two pieces of bread side-by-side. Place one piece of bread on the plate then layer it with a slice of cheese followed by cracked eggs. Then put another slice of cheese before topping off with the other piece of bread.

Cook it in the microwave for about 90 seconds at high power until everything is hot and melted together. Now you have a tasty egg and cheese sandwich ready to be devoured!

With minimal effort this simple recipe will provide you with delicious results every time.


I’m sure that you’re all hungry for some delicious microwave oven recipes after reading this article. What can I say? Microwave cooking has come a long way since it first hit the market, and these easy lunch dishes are proof of that!

From mac and cheese to Mediterranean stuffed peppers, there’s something here for everyone – even picky eaters. It may surprise you just how much flavor these simple ingredients can bring to your kitchen table. The combination of feta cheese in the quesadilla or eggplant parmigiana will tantalize your taste buds without having to spend hours slaving over a stove top. Who would’ve thought microwaves could be so versatile?!

These dishes are not only scrumptious but also incredibly quick and convenient. So forget about spending money on expensive take-out lunches – with just a few minutes in the microwave, you can have yourself an amazing meal right at home.

Now go ahead and enjoy some delicious microwave oven recipes for lunch!

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