Delicious Microwave Oven Recipes For Desserts

Hi there! I’m your friendly neighborhood pastry chef and today I want to tell you all about some delicious microwave oven recipes for desserts.

With these easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to whip up a tasty treat in no time at all! I know what it’s like to have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying but not enough time or energy to devote to baking something from scratch.

That’s why I’ve come up with a range of microwavable dessert recipes that are sure to hit the spot. From melt-in-your-mouth cookies to creamy puddings, there’s something here for everyone – so let’s get started!

Delicious Microwave Oven Recipes For Desserts

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake

Ah, the classic chocolate chip cookie mug cake. This beloved dessert is a perfect indulgence for any sweet tooth! Preparing it in a microwave couldn’t be easier – all you need to do is mix together your favorite ingredients and pop it into the oven.

The possibilities are nearly endless with variations of this recipe – why not add some almond extract or top your creation with marshmallows? The key to making a delicious chocolate chip cookie mug cake is using good quality ingredients and following the instructions carefully.

Don’t forget to grease your mug before adding the mixture and make sure that no lumps remain in the batter before cooking. With just a few minutes of preparation time, you’ll have an irresistible treat ready in no time at all!

Microwave Brownie Bites

Picture this: a truly decadent dessert that will tantalize your tastebuds with its gooey and fudgy texture.

Our microwave brownie bites are the perfect indulgence for any occasion! Made with only the finest ingredients, these sweet treats come together in minutes right in your very own kitchen.

They’re moist, flavourful, and have just enough of a crunch to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Plus, they boast an unbelievably luscious texture; one bite and you’ll be savouring their chewy centre while delighting in their delightful fudginess.

So don’t wait another minute – get ready to experience those delectable chocolatey flavours you know and love combined into one delicious treat!

Your family is sure to appreciate it as much as you do!

Microwave Ice Cream Cake

After the delightful bite sized Brownie Bites, it’s time for something even sweeter: a Microwave Ice Cream Cake. This delectable dessert is easy to make and can be prepared in minutes!

Here are some key ingredients that will take your cake from good to great:

  • Fruit trifle – Add layers of fresh fruit trifle between the ice cream and cake layer to add an extra burst of flavor.
  • Marshmallow pies – Top off your cake with marshmallow pies for a delicious crunchy contrast.
  • Whipped cream – Don’t forget to top it all off with freshly whipped cream for a creamy finish.
  • Chocolate topping – Drizzle chocolate syrup over the entire cake for added richness.

This sweet treat is sure to leave you wanting more every time. It’s perfect for any occasion, especially when you’re short on time but still want something special!

Serve it up warm and enjoy this amazing microwave creation with friends or family.

Microwave Chocolate Fondue

Making a delicious chocolate fondue in the microwave is easy and fast. All you need is two ingredients – chocolate chips, and your favorite kind of milk. You can also customize it with whatever flavors or add-ins you’d like!

Fluffy MarshmallowsFruit Dip
Rich Chocolate SauceSweet Caramel Syrup

Start by heating up the milk until it’s hot but not boiling. Then stir in the chocolate chips slowly until they are melted and incorporated into the liquid. This will create a creamy, smooth texture that’s perfect for dipping fruit or marshmallows into. If desired, you can also use other sweet toppings such as caramel syrup or even sprinkles to make this dessert extra special.

Whether served alone or with friends, this decadent treat always goes down well after dinner – especially when shared! Enjoy experimenting with different flavor combinations, like adding peppermint extract for an icy twist or some coffee grounds for an espresso kick. The possibilities are endless; just don’t forget to savor each bite!

Microwave Caramel Popcorn

As a pastry chef, I’m always looking for ways to create delicious desserts that can be made easily.

Caramelized popcorn is one of the most popular and indulgent treats, and it’s even easier to make when using your microwave!

This tasty treat only takes about five minutes in the microwave, making it an incredibly convenient option for those with busy schedules.

Not only does caramelizing popcorn in the microwave give you a delicious snack, but research shows that this method yields up to 15% more caramelization than stovetop methods.

Making caramelized popcorn in the microwave is as simple as combining sugar, butter, and popcorn kernels into a bowl before microwaving them until golden brown.

A few stirs during the cooking process will ensure that each kernel gets its fair share of flavor.

To finish off your creation, add some salt or other spices to taste and enjoy your perfectly crisp yet chewy delight!

For me, there’s nothing quite like biting into a piece of warm, freshly-made caramelized popcorn – no matter what time of day it is!

Microwave Apple Crumble

After the delectable caramel popcorn, let’s move onto something equally as delicious and indulgent: Microwave Apple Crumble.

If you’re looking for a quick dessert that still has all of the flavor of its more time-consuming oven counterparts, this is it!

This easy microwave version combines apples with sugar and cinnamon, topped off with an oat crumble mixture – pretty much everything that makes a good apple crumble great.

Here are some things to look forward to in your microwaved apple crumble:

  • Deliciously spiced apples cooked until they become perfectly tender and juicy
  • A delightfully crunchy topping made from oats, flour, butter and brown sugar
  • An ideal balance between sweet and tart flavors
  • The convenience of making it right inside your microwave!

To really take things up a notch, try adding our signature combination of chopped apples and spices to your favorite crustless tart or apple cinnamon muffin recipe. You won’t be disappointed!

To enjoy this scrumptious treat anytime you want, just whip it up in minutes using your trusty microwave oven. No need for hours in the kitchen; with this simple recipe you can have warm apple crumble fresh from the oven faster than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an amazing tasting experience like no other – one bite is never enough!

Microwave Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Ah, the wonders of a microwave! Who would have thought that such an unassuming kitchen appliance could be so versatile?

The possibilities are truly endless – from making no bake cheesecake to banana parfait, you can create all sorts of delicious treats with it.

And now we come to its most impressive feat yet: Microwave Peanut Butter Mug Cake! This delectable dessert is as easy as they come.

All it takes is a few basic ingredients and 2 minutes in the microwave to enjoy a rich, moist cake right out of your mug.

No baking required – just mix everything together, pop it into the microwave and voila! Enjoy this warm treat straight away or top it off with some ice cream for a truly indulgent experience.

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

This microwave chocolate peanut butter mug cake is the perfect indulgent dessert! Packed with luscious flavors, this treat starts off with a moist and fluffy chocolate base.

We then layer it up with creamy peanut butter, sweet coconut flakes and succulent banana slices for an intense burst of flavor in every bite.

To finish it all off, we top it with rich mocha almond shavings for the ultimate finishing touch.

Overall, it’s an exquisite combination that will leave your taste buds begging for more!

This quick and easy recipe requires minimal effort but yields maximum pleasure – perfect for those times when you are craving something decadent yet don’t have much time to prepare.

So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

Microwave Strawberry-Lemon Shortcake

Well, for starters, let’s talk about the ingredients for this delicious Microwave Strawberry-Lemon Shortcake. We’ll need butter, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, lemon zest, vanilla extract and strawberries. Next, let’s move on to the preparation. The cake is super easy to make – just mix together the dry ingredients, add in the wet ingredients and blend until it’s all combined. Finally, let’s discuss serving suggestions. I suggest serving it warm with a dollop of whipped cream and extra strawberries. Yum!


Ah, the perfect combination of sweet and tart!

This strawberry-lemon shortcake is a true delight to make in the microwave. The ingredients are simple yet effective: all purpose flour or self rising flour for structure, egg substitutes like applesauce or flaxseed meal for binding, sugar for sweetness, butter for richness, and lemons and strawberries for flavor.

With these pantry staples you can whip up something truly delicious with minimal effort – what’s not to love?

And don’t forget to top it off with some whipped cream before serving – your guests will be delighted!


Prepping for this delicious strawberry-lemon shortcake is a breeze! Just measure out the ingredients and you’re good to go.

Follow my quick tips for easy methods:

  • Sift the flour into a bowl.
  • Mix in the egg substitutes with a whisk.
  • Beat together butter and sugar until creamy.
  • Grate some lemon zest for flavor and aroma.
  • Then fold everything together – it’s that simple!

Finally, add strawberries or any other fruit of your choice before baking – let your creativity shine through.

Ready to be devoured in no time? You betcha!

Serving Suggestions

Serving suggestions are a great way to show off your masterpiece!

Presentation is key when it comes to desserts, so here are some of my favorite ideas.

Start by carefully placing the strawberry-lemon shortcake onto a plate or cake stand.

Sprinkle powdered sugar over top for an extra sweet touch.

For more of a wow factor, add fresh fruit and edible flowers around the sides – you’ll have guests ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahh’ing in no time!

As far as serving goes, this dessert can be enjoyed warm or cold with a scoop of ice cream (or whipped cream if you’re feeling indulgent!).

So go ahead and treat yourself – I guarantee it won’t disappoint!

Microwave Chocolate-Cherry Pudding Cake

Now that you’ve made a delightful Strawberry-Lemon Shortcake in the microwave, it’s time to get creative with your oven and whip up something new. Chocolate-Cherry Pudding Cake is an indulgent dessert that packs a flavor punch! The combination of cherry almond and white chocolate creates a delicious balance between tartness and sweetness.

Here are three things to consider when making this flavorful cake:

  • A hint of orange zest for extra depth of flavor
  • Toasted almonds sprinkled over the top before baking
  • Generous amounts of butter and cream cheese for added richness

As a pastry chef, I recommend adding those special touches to make this recipe truly stand out. The cherries will provide just enough tartness while the white chocolate gives it that creamy texture you crave. And don’t forget about the crunchy almonds – they add plenty of texture too!

This recipe has everything from sweet treats to savory flavors; it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at any occasion.


As a dessert chef, I’m constantly looking for ways to make delicious treats in the microwave. It’s so convenient and easy to use! Plus, you can whip up something scrumptious with minimal effort.

From chocolate chip cookie mug cakes to microwavable strawberry-lemon shortcake, there are endless possibilities when it comes to desserts made in the microwave oven.

Did you know that over 90% of American households own a microwave? That means most people have quick access to these amazing recipes! With this kind of convenience, why not take advantage of all the incredible dishes an oven has to offer?

Making desserts in the microwave is an enjoyable way to get creative in the kitchen without any hassle or mess.

So if you’re feeling like indulging your sweet tooth tonight, why not give one of these delectable microwave oven recipes a try? You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can create something truly special – as well as enjoying some tasty results!

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