How To Cook Bacon In The Microwave

When cooking bacon in a microwave, make sure the bacon pieces don’t overlap and start checking the bacon after one minute of cooking.

“Microwaving bacon takes 1-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of the bacon”.

By microwaving the bacon for one minute, which is what I do, you can also check between meals and get them to perfect crispiness. One of the main reasons microwaved bacon is great is that you can get crispy bacon in a fraction of the time using other methods. 

If you put it between layers of paper towels, microwaved bacon comes out really crispy and delicious. The fastest way to cook bacon crispy without becoming greasy is to use paper towels, microwave-safe containers, and a microwave.

Carefully remove a microwave-safe plate or plate from the microwave (using oven mitts or a towel), transfer the cooked bacon to a new layer of absorbent paper, and let the water drain for about two minutes.

Remove six slices of bacon from a microwave-safe plate and let them sit on a fresh paper towel for 2 to 3 minutes to drain excess oil. Instead of taking the microwaved bacon off the plate right away, place it on four paper towels for about a minute. 

Wrap soft bacon in parchment paper or place it on a microwave-safe plate and cook at 50% power until it sizzles.

If the bacon slices take longer after cooking for 1 minute per slice, microwave them in 30-second increments until they appear almost cooked (they will brown slightly after you take them out of the microwave). All you need to do is place the bacon on a microwaveable baking sheet, cover it with a lid and cook following the above tips for 2 minutes and more.

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Remember that the number of slices to cook and the thickness of the slices will determine how long you need to cook the bacon in the microwave.

The ideal amount of bacon to microwave right away is six slices; no more than that, and you will have to increase the cooking time because more stuff in the microwave absorbs some of the energy.   

The bacon is gently cooked at half power and simmered in the bacon fat, which prevents it from being tough or overcooked.

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