12 Tasty Microwave Dessert Recipes For A Sweet And Easy Fix

Sometimes after a particularly long day at work, you want nothing more than to come home and enjoy delicious food without having to go through all of the efforts that are required to make it, so what do you do?

This is the stage where a lot of people would order takeout, but there is another option that you could try! 

Many people have a microwave oven in their kitchen, but often it’s just seen as a tool for reheating leftovers, but in reality, the microwave can be a powerful tool for cooking easy and delicious food in a small time frame, so if you’re craving something delicious, you might just be able to make it in the microwave. 

In this article, we’re specifically going to look at some of the most delicious desserts that you can make using your microwave, which should allow you to satisfy those cravings easily.

So, if you want to learn how to make delicious desserts easily, then read on!

12 Tasty Microwave Dessert Recipes For A Sweet And Easy Fix

1. Best Microwave Dessert Recipes:

Snickerdoodle Mug Cake

Source: Pinterest

Mug cakes have always been a popular dessert option from the microwave, and for good reason!

They create very little mess, create the perfect portion size, and can easily be eaten whilst watching a movie thanks to the convenience of being in a mug. 

When it comes to mug cakes though, it doesn’t get much better than this Snickerdoodle mug cake, which has all of the warmth and sweetness you could ever want from a microwave dessert, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make either! 

Simply add all of the ingredients listed, stir them, and then place them in the microwave. 

2. Microwave Peanut Brittle:

Source: Pinterest

Everyone knows how delicious Peanut Brittle is, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make your own peanut brittle without having to put in the effort of making it like you usually would? Well with this recipe you can! 

If you have a craving for the nutty and sweet taste of peanut brittle, then this recipe is definitely going to appeal to you, and it’s super easy to make, which is great for when those cravings strike at random times. 

You could also give this peanut brittle as a gift too if you know of a particularly big fan of this sweet treat! 

3. Banana Bread Mug Muffin:

Source: Pinterst

It’s an age old story, you buy bananas from the grocery store because you tell yourself that you’re going to be healthy and eat more fruit, and they’re still in the fruit bowl even a week after you’ve bought them, and now they’re over-ripe and beginning to turn brown, so what can you do? 

Well, it might not be healthy, but this recipe for a mug-based banana bread muffin will certainly make good use of those spare bananas, and with just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of your time, you’ll have a delicious dessert that prevents any waste! 

You certainly wouldn’t guess that this was made in a microwave, so why not get an unsuspecting friend to try it and see what they think. 

4. Mug Brownie:

Source: Pinterest

Brownies are one of those desserts that you can just eat more and more of, and as delicious as they are, you still feel a bit guilty when you realize you’ve eaten an entire portion, but thankfully this brownie in a mug will ensure that you don’t eat more than you initially intended to. 

If you struggle to replicate those delicious fudgy brownies you buy in the store when baking, then try this recipe instead, and in just 5 minutes (or less) you’ll be rewarded with a brownie that tastes better than you’ve ever had before! 

There’s no doubt that you’ll be making a second and maybe even a third portion of this delicious dessert, just make sure you have plenty of ingredients around. 

5. Apple Crisp From The Microwave:

Source: Pinterest

During the depths of winter, nothing comes close to the warmth provided by a delicious apple crisp after your meal, especially when paired with some thick cream, but making an apple crisp can be a tedious task, and if you’re an especially busy person, you might not want to spend your time baking in the evening. 

That’s why we love this apple crisp recipe so much, it’s your favorite wintertime dessert made in a matter of minutes thanks to the power of the microwave, and it’s filled with the classic cinnamon and apple flavor that makes apple crisp so good! 

6. Peanut Butter Fudge:

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love fudge?

It’s such a decadent treat and if you’ve ever tried making your own batch of fudge before you’ll know exactly how hard it is to get right, however, if you’re looking for a way to make your own fudge at home without anyone of the hassle, then we’re sure you’re going to love this recipe. 

Three ingredients and five minutes definitely doesn’t sound like it would result in some of the most delicious fudge you’ve ever tasted, but prepare to be surprised at how creamy and rich this fudge is, it’s so good you’d think it was professionally made. 

So for effortless fudge, definitely check this recipe out! 

7. Oreo Cake In A Mug:

Source: Pinterest

Oreos are already delicious as they are, but we all know how amazing they taste when incorporated into a cake, but if that sounds like too much effort, then why not use this recipe to create a delicious-tasting Oreo cake that uses just a few ingredients. 

It might sound fake, but we promise you that this recipe is really as easy as it sounds, and with the use of Oreos, a few other ingredients and a microwave, it will take just 3 minutes before you end up with the delicious Oreo cake you’ve probably seen all over Tiktok and Instagram! 

8. Apple Chips:

Source: Pinterest

They might not sound as exciting as some of the mug cakes or fudge that we’ve mentioned on this list, but we promise you that these apple chips are seriously delicious, and are going to be your latest addiction before you even realize it!

If you’re looking for an easy vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free dessert that is going to remain healthy, then this recipe is for you, and is proof that even those on a diet can benefit from the easiness of a microwave dessert! 

9. Caramel Popcorn:

Source: Pinterest

If the aroma of tasty popcorn is missing from your at-home movie nights then fear not, as this recipe will soon bring that movie theater feeling to the comfort of your own home, and you won’t even have to shell out the ridiculous amounts of money that they ask at the cinema either. 

There are a whole load of different ingredients you could mix into your popcorn, but we love the idea of deliciously sweet and sticky caramel popcorn, just be prepared to keep making more and more batches of this delicious movie-time dessert! 

Plus, since you can make it in the microwave, it’s much easier to make than you might think! 

10 .Mug-Based Blondie:

Source: Pinterest

If you like brownies, then you’ll surely love it’s even more delicious family member: The blondie!

Much like a brownie, you can make a perfectly good blondie with just a few ingredients and a mug, so if you’re a fan of brownies but love the taste of caramel, then this recipe is definitely going to go down a treat. 

Thanks to the effortless nature of the microwave, you can enjoy this tasty treat in just 11 minutes too, which certainly makes satisfying those sweet cravings even easier! 

11. Rocky Road Fudge:

Source: Pinterest

You might be getting bored of fudge at this point, but we still think this one is worth mentioning, and that’s because it’s not just any usual fudge recipe, it’s an incredibly rocky road fudge! 

Filled with tiny marshmallows, walnuts, and of course, plenty of chocolate, this sweet treat is sure to be well received by everyone no matter how young or old, although you might want to limit how much you eat considering how sugary it is. 

12. Mug Made Churros:

Source: Pinterest

If you’re a fan of the delicious Spanish dessert, then this recipe is definitely going to appeal to you, and with the use of a few ingredients and your trusty microwave, you too can enjoy some amazing mug churros in a matter of minutes! 

They have everything you want from your normal churros, except this time they have the convenience of being in a mug. 


As you can see, the potential held by a microwave is much more than people initially realize, and although they’re great for making those leftover takeout meals last another day, they’re also used to make some of the tastiest desserts you’ve ever had, so if you have a sweet craving, try one of these recipes out! 

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