Easy Microwave Oven Recipes For Busy Weeknights

Hey everyone! Are you looking for a quick and easy dinner idea during busy weeknights? Look no further than your trusty microwave oven.

I’m here to show you some of the delicious recipes that can be cooked up in just minutes, making it simple to get dinner on the table with little effort. Whether you’re short on time or don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen, these recipes are sure to become family favorites.

Let’s get cooking!

Microwave Baked Potatoes

When it comes to a busy weeknight, there is nothing quite like the convenience of a microwave oven for whipping up an easy meal. Whether you are looking for something comforting and familiar or eager to discover new flavors, microwaved potatoes provide a simple base that can be tailored to your tastes with minimal effort.

One of my favorite go-to recipes when I’m short on time involves baking some large russet potatoes in the microwave until they’re tender and golden brown.

While the spuds are cooking away, I love topping them off with some crumbled microwave chips and microwaved corn – sweet succulence meets salty crunchiness!

The best part is that all of these ingredients are pantry staples, so you don’t need any special trips to the store either.

All in all, this recipe provides deliciousness without much fuss – exactly what one needs on a hectic night!

Microwave Mac And Cheese

The humble microwave oven can also be used to make some delightful desserts. If you’re looking for a sweet treat after your main meal, why not try making something in the microwave?

From cakes and brownies to microwaved doughnuts, there are plenty of delicious options that won’t take too long to prepare. Plus, you can use cheese alternatives such as vegan cream cheese or dairy-free yogurt to create even more delicious desserts!

Here are 5 easy recipes you can whip up with a few simple ingredients:

  • Microwave Chocolate Fudge – All you need is chocolate chips, condensed milk, and butter for this indulgent dessert.

  • Microwave Apple Crisp – Nothing beats an apple crisp on a cold fall night! This version takes only minutes to prepare.

  • Coconut Macaroons – Coconut macaroons made in the microwave require just coconut flakes, sugar, egg whites, vanilla extract and almond extract.

  • Brownie Mug Cake – Whip up a single serving of chocolatey goodness using cocoa powder, melted butter, eggs, flour and your favorite mix-ins.

  • Baked Apples – Use apples filled with cinnamon and nutmeg as an alternative to traditional apple pies.

These recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth without having to spend hours in the kitchen slaving away over baked goods. You’ll have those tasty treats ready before turning off the lights!

Microwave Chicken Fajitas

The thought of making chicken fajitas on busy weeknights can seem daunting, but with a few clever shortcuts it doesn’t have to be. You don’t even need an oven! All you need is your trusty microwave and the right ingredients.

First up, grab some boneless skinless chicken breasts and coat them in a delicious homemade marinade made from olive oil, garlic powder, smoked paprika, chili powder and cumin – all spices that are easy to find in any grocery store. Feel free to play around with the flavors; experiment with zesty lemon juice or add extra heat with some cayenne pepper.

Once your chicken has been coated in this tasty mix pop it into the microwave for five minutes until cooked through.

Meanwhile, whip together a quick fajita seasoning using more chilli powder, cumin and oregano – then sprinkle over bell peppers and onions before popping them into the microwave for two minutes.

Serve everything up on warm tortillas with guacamole and salsa for a meal that will not only please your taste buds but also save you time in the kitchen!

Microwave Veggie Burrito Bowls

When it comes to easy microwave oven recipes, there’s nothing quite like a veggie burrito bowl!

Not only is this dish incredibly simple and fast to make in the microwave – all you need are some microwavable rice, canned beans and your favorite vegetables – it’s also packed with nutrition.

For those looking for healthier options than traditional beef or chicken burrito bowls, try using vegetable substitutes such as mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant instead.

You can also add other healthy ingredients like salsa, avocado slices or fresh herbs for added flavor.

The best part about these veggie burrito bowls is that they’re completely customizable; so feel free to experiment with whatever ingredients you have on hand!

And if you don’t have any veggies lying around at home? No problem – just grab a few pre-chopped frozen varieties from the grocery store.

With a delicious meal this quick and easy, who said weeknights had to be boring?

Microwave Quesadillas

When it comes to weeknight meals, the microwave is a great tool for creating delicious dishes in no time. But sometimes you want something more than just reheating leftovers – that’s where our next recipe comes in: Microwave Quesadillas!

With this fun and easy-to-make dish, you can whip up some cheesy goodness without having to turn on your oven. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not add some of those leftover veggies from yesterday’s burrito bowl? It might sound too good to be true but trust us — these quesadillas will have everyone coming back for seconds (and thirds!).

And once you’ve mastered the art of making quesadillas in the microwave, why not try out other variations like nachos or burritos? Add some beans and salsa to make an even heartier meal.

No matter what combination of ingredients you decide on, one thing is certain: You’ll never look at microwaves the same way again! So take your cooking skills to new heights with these easy recipes – they may just become a staple on your busy weeknights.

Microwave Pizza Bagels

For an easy weeknight meal, nothing beats a microwaved pizza bagel! Quick to prepare and delicious to eat, this recipe is sure to please the whole family.

All you need are some pre-made mini pizza bagels from your local grocery store, along with your favorite toppings – think pepperoni, grilled chicken, veggies or even just cheese.

Pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds and voila! You’ve got yourself a tasty treat that can be spruced up any way you want.

If you’re looking for something more substantial than pizza bagels, why not try making some quick microwave calzones? Simply roll out some pre-made dough into circles (store-bought works great!), fill it with whatever ingredients you like – maybe ground beef or turkey plus plenty of cheese – then fold over the edges and crimp closed.

Cook on high power in the microwave oven for one minute intervals until golden brown.

Same goes for microwaved tacos: all you have to do is wrap everything up tight inside foil packets and bake in the microwave until cooked through.

With these recipes, you’ll have dinner on the table before you know it!

Microwave Cheese Omelet

Preparing a cheese omelet for a busy weeknight doesn’t have to be a chore. With this easy microwave cheese omelet recipe, it’s as simple as whisking the ingredients together and popping it in the microwave! Cooking a cheese omelet in the microwave takes only minutes and comes out fluffy and delicious – perfect for a quick and tasty weeknight meal.

Preparing A Cheese Omelet

Who said you couldn’t whip up a delicious cheese omelet in the microwave?

With just a few simple ingredients and some basic techniques, this is one of the quickest ways to make an omelet for busy weeknights.

All you need are eggs (or egg substitutes), cheese, milk, butter or margarine, salt, pepper and any other seasonings you’d like to add.

Start by whisking your eggs together with the milk until light and fluffy.

Melt some butter or margarine in a microwave-safe dish before adding the egg mixture; stir it around then top with grated cheese and your chosen seasonings.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes – checking every 30 seconds – until cooked through.

Serve warm with toast or a salad for a tasty meal that’s ready in no time!

Cooking A Cheese Omelet In The Microwave

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of making a cheese omelet in your microwave, why not try something more adventurous?

A delicious and nutritious breakfast can be made with some simple ingredients to create an egg scramble or frittata.

To make it even easier, pre-mix any vegetables you’d like to add along with herbs and spices before adding them to the eggs and cheese. This is sure to give your meal extra flavor and nutrition!

Finally, all you have to do is heat up the mix for around 2 minutes until cooked through – just as you would with the cheese omelet.

Enjoy your tasty creation hot from the microwave!

Microwave Chili

Ah, who has time for slow cooking these days? We all lead such busy lives that the thought of standing over a hot stove, stirring and watching chili cook away is just too much.

But luckily there’s an answer to this conundrum: microwave oven recipes! That’s right – with minimal effort and fuss you can have Chili ready in no time at all.

The beauty of microwave chili is that it retains its flavor without leaving you slaving away in the kitchen. You get a hearty meal filled with veggies and protein but also one that won’t take hours to prepare.

This makes it ideal for weeknight dinners when everything else seems to be getting on top of you. And if you want to make sure your meal is healthy, then simply swap out the beef mince for some lean chicken or turkey mince – voila; a healthier option!

Microwave Lasagna

Lasagna is the ultimate comfort food, and now you can make it in your microwave for a deliciously easy weeknight meal! All you need to do is layer together lasagna noodles, your favorite sauce, cheese and vegetables. Pop it in the microwave and within minutes you’ll have a mouth-watering dish that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

You don’t even need an oven or stovetop – just a few simple ingredients and a trusty microwave.

If you’re looking for other quick meals, why not try out some microwave cake? It’s surprisingly delicious, especially when topped with your favorite ice cream or whipped cream.

And if tacos are more your style, there’s nothing like microwaved tacos. Just fill up tortillas with beans, veggies, meat or whatever else you fancy and heat them up for about 30 seconds – voila!

No matter what kind of cuisine you crave on busy weeknights, your microwave has got you covered.

Microwave Chicken Noodle Soup

Going from lasagna to soup is like night and day.

To make a microwave chicken noodle soup that would rival any homemade version, you’ll need some basic ingredients: broth, noodles, carrots, celery, onions and garlic – plus any other vegetables of your choosing.

Let’s get cooking!

Begin by combining the broth with a cup of water in a large microwave-safe bowl or container; then add 1/2 teaspoon each of marinara sauce and curry powder for an added depth of flavor.

Next, stir in cooked chicken (or substitute for tofu) along with the chopped veggies before microwaving on high for about 8 minutes, stirring halfway through.

When done, season with salt & pepper as desired and ladle into bowls.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Cook Food In A Microwave Oven?

Cooking food in a microwave oven is quick and easy, but it’s important to be mindful of safety precautions as well as cooking times.

Every dish will require different microwaving time based on the level of heat needed for that particular meal.

That said, figuring out how long something needs to be cooked in the microwave can sometimes be tricky – which is why I’d recommend following recipes closely or even starting with lower temperatures when you’re unsure!

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Cooking Food In A Microwave Oven?

Cooking with a microwave oven is a great way to speed up the process of making meals during busy weeknights.

But it’s important to recognize that there are potential health risks associated with cooking food in a microwave oven, namely from exposure to the radiation emitted by the appliance.

While some experts believe that microwaves may release unhealthy levels of radiation when used improperly, most agree that using them correctly and following safety guidelines can help ensure your meals are cooked without any additional risk.

To make sure you’re making the safest choice for your family, consider consulting an expert on radiation safety before utilizing your microwave oven for easy recipes!

How Can I Make Sure My Food Is Cooked Evenly In A Microwave Oven?

When it comes to microwave safety and cooking tips, you want to make sure your food is cooked evenly.

To ensure this when using a microwave oven, start by setting the power level as low as possible – this will help avoid overcooking or burning certain areas of the meal.

You can also use a wooden spoon or stirrer while microwaving to prevent hotspots from forming and allow heat to spread throughout the dish.

Lastly, if you’re reheating something that was previously frozen, remember to cut large pieces into smaller ones so they cook more quickly and evenly!

Are There Any Other Recipes That I Can Make In A Microwave Oven?

Are you looking for other recipes to make in your microwave oven aside from quick snacks and singular dishes?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy microwavable recipes that can be made on busy weeknights.

From meatballs to mac & cheese, the possibilities are endless when it comes to delicious meals that can be cooked quickly with a microwave oven.

You don’t have to settle for pre-made food or takeout anymore – whip up something tasty and nutritious in minutes!

Can I Modify Any Of The Recipes To Make Them Healthier?

Living a healthy lifestyle while being busy can feel like an uphill battle. But it doesn’t have to be! With some simple tweaks, you can easily modify those easy microwave oven recipes for busy weeknights into healthier options by reducing fat and portion control.

As a food writer/blogger I’m constantly looking for ways to keep meals fresh and nutritious with minimal effort; this is one of the best solutions out there!

Whether it’s adding more vegetables or replacing unhealthy ingredients with their healthier alternatives, making these small changes to your dishes will help ensure that you are eating well on even the busiest of nights.


We’ve explored some great quick and easy microwave oven recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights.
We now know the time it takes to cook food in a microwave oven, as well as how to make sure your food is cooked evenly.
Plus, we discussed any health risks associated with cooking in this appliance and ways you can modify the recipe to make them even healthier.

Now that you have an arsenal of delicious meals at your fingertips, all made quickly and safely in the comfort of your own kitchen, why not get creative?
Try spicing up traditional dishes by adding different herbs or spices – be bold!
You never know what culinary masterpieces you could come up with until you try.
Who knows — maybe one day these will become family favourites!

So there you have it: easy microwave oven recipes for busy weeknights.
Why not give one a go tonight?
Let us know how it turns out!

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