How Long To Microwave A Hot Pocket

Hot Pockets are one of the country’s most popular snacks and for good reason, not only are these small servings delicious, and available in a variety of different flavors, but they’re also super easy to prepare, which means that you can enjoy them even if you’re in a hurry! 

If you’ve never tried Hot Pockets before, cooking them can be slightly confusing, especially since you have the option of microwaving them or cooking them in the oven.

However, the most common question asked about Hot Pockets is how long you should microwave them.

Ensuring that your Hot Pocket is properly cooked is important, otherwise, it’ll have cold spots throughout and won’t have the delicious flavor they’re so well known for! 

So, if you’re looking for a guide on how long you should microwave your Hot Pockets for, then read through our article, as we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to know about microwaving Hot Pockets, as well as other information you should know about these delicious snacks. 

Can You Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave?

One of the best parts about Hot Pockets is that they are completely microwave-friendly, meaning you can have your delicious cheesy treat ready in no time at all!

You can also cook them in the oven if you’d prefer to, but of course, this takes a lot longer than it does in the microwave! 

You should always be careful when using the microwave to heat up your food, as you’ll need to ensure that the food you’re cooking reaches the right temperature in order to prevent any harmful bacteria from lingering around, especially if there is meat involved. 

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Knowing how long you should microwave your Hot Pocket is hard to figure out, but don’t panic, as we’ll explain exactly how long you should microwave your Hot Pocket for in the next section! 

How Long Should You Microwave A Hot Pocket For? 

Microwaving a Hot Pocket is a simple process, which is why so many people rely on them for food when they’re in a hurry.

So if you want to learn how to cook your own Hot Pockets at home, just follow these simple steps! 

  • First, you’ll need to unwrap your Hot Pocket from all of the packaging and place it inside the crisping sleeve that is provided, and then place it on a plate that is microwave safe. 
  • Then, you need to place your Hot Pocket into the microwave. For an 1100-watt microwave oven, you will only need to cook your Hot Pocket for 2 minutes. If your microwave has a lower wattage power, then instead cook it for 3 minutes and 10 seconds in order for it to cook properly. 
  • Once you take your Hot Pocket out of the microwave, you need to let it sit for 2 minutes to allow the inside to cool down properly, which helps to prevent you from burning your tongue, and then it should be ready for you to enjoy! 

How Long Does It Take To Cook Two Hot Pockets In The Microwave?

How Long Does It Take To Cook Two Hot Pockets In The Microwave?

If you’re feeling particularly hungry, and want to cook two Hot Pockets at the same time, then you’ll need to increase the cooking time to ensure that they are properly cooked.

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However, if you are planning to cook more than one Hot Pocket at the same time, you should ensure that your microwave has a wattage of 1100 or higher, otherwise it won’t cook properly. 

If you want to cook two Hot Pockets at the same time, then place them both on a microwave-safe plate and cook them for 3 minutes and 10 seconds, before allowing them to cool down for 2 minutes, and then they’ll be ready for you to eat! 

If your microwave has less than 1100 watts of power, then you should instead cook your hot pockets one by one. 

Are Hot Pockets Pre-Cooked?

Considering how quickly you are able to heat them up, many people often wonder if Hot Pockets have been pre-cooked before they are frozen, which is completely true! 

Although there are a wide variety of Hot Pockets, all of which have different flavors and ingredients, generally consisting of meat and cheese paired with a delicious sauce.

Despite the variety of flavors, all Hot Pockets are cooked prior to being frozen, so when you cook them in the microwave, you’re simply thawing them, heating them up, and helping to crisp up the pastry too. 

Are Hot Pockets Healthy? 

Although their ingredients might not seem particularly unhealthy, it is true that people tend to value Hot Pockets for their convenience instead of how healthy they are, and it should be noted that Hot Pockets aren’t a particularly good source of nutrition. 

The typical Hot Pocket contains an average of 300 calories, as well as a moderately high amount of sodium, fats, and preservatives too, so you might want to avoid them if you’re trying to be healthy! 

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Is It Better To Cook Hot Pockets In The Oven Or The Microwave? 

The debate around whether or not Hot Pockets taste better from when cooked in the microwave or the oven is a contentious one.

The one benefit to cooking Hot Pockets in the oven is that the outer layer of pastry is much crispier, which many people believe elevates the taste.

However, cooking Hot Pockets in the oven takes a lot longer than cooking them in the microwave, so ultimately the decision is based on taste versus time! 


As you can see then, it doesn’t take long for a Hot Pocket to be completely cooked in the microwave, and in just 4-5 short minutes, your deliciously cheesy and saucy Hot Pocket will be ready for you to enjoy.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious snack that you can easily enjoy with the use of your microwave, try Hot Pockets!

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