Microwave Hacks #2: How to Get Rid of Roaches

Using a microwave is everyone’s joy and wonder however, through constant use, microwaves are bound to attract bugs, one of which is roaches. Roaches are one of the worst kinds of bugs that can infest everything and everywhere. The methods for removing roaches from a microwave, for example, are many but which ones are the best and why?

To get rid of roaches, deep clean the microwave and use trap methods. Bait and dust traps are best to use and are safe to use around microwaves. Avoid using pesticides, as they will severely damage the microwave. Every crevice of a microwave must be examined carefully for roaches.

As you can see, getting rid of roaches aren’t too hard for most. Though we could move on from this article, let’s dive deeper into what specificity of methods we can pursue to ensure a roach-free microwave. We may also provide recommendations for products that could help you get started in getting rid of these insects.

Examine the Microwave

Before we get into the meat of the article in ways, we can get rid of roaches from our microwaves, let’s first determine if we have an infestation in the first place.

The first thing we should examine exactly how severe the infestation is. This means we have to carefully examine every nook and cranny of a microwave for any signs of roaches. This can be roaches themselves or leftover residues from them such as effects from their secretion in their mouth and body that can damage the internal hardware within the microwave. They also can be in areas where you may not have thought of such as the door or the clock of the microwave for example.

Now, before we move on, a question arises for some people, and they wonder why the microwave itself doesn’t kill these roaches if inside the microwave. In reality, during the heating process, the microwave isn’t all hot and areas remain cold and livable for the roaches. So, as you may be cooking your ramen, you shouldn’t be surprised if a roach appears within the microwave unharmed. Again, it may be inhabiting a colder area of the microwave.

Even these cold areas display slight warmth, which is a condition that roaches are highly attracted to along with dark and secluded areas. In general, anywhere and everywhere a microwave is inhabitable and should be considered during examinations.

Overall, all crevices of a microwave are a potential home to these insects and should be inspected greatly.

Avoid Pesticides and Other Related Solutions

Once we have officially detected a roach infestation in our microwave, the first thing we may think of doing is employing the use of any pesticides that are available. While this is a common assumption and approach, it is not a recommended one, especially for microwaves. We are not going to guilt-trip anyone for thinking this way as everyone will naturally do, but we hope to suggest some better ways to get rid of roaches.

The primary reason why we suggest not using pesticides is that they can damage the microwave itself and possibly cause the internal failure of your microwave, or worse, an electrical fire. When considering ways to get rid of roaches, we need to be aware of the item and the materials that are involved as it can result in adverse effects. Yes, the infestation may have been deterred, however, think of the effects of the chemicals of the solution and what it can do to your item or area you are using it on.

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Overall, do not use pesticides for microwaves. This also includes a water-based solution as well in that water will cause corrosion in the areas of the microwave you’ve used it on.

Deep Clean

Now that we have that important notice out of the way, let’s now get rid of these roaches.

The first best thing to do once we have found roaches and possible infestation is to deep clean the microwave. This means that every part of the microwave must be individually taken apart and cleaned well. We don’t mean taking every bit of screws and wires out of the machine, but separating major parts such as the turntable tray, if applicable, from the microwave itself to be scrubbed and cleaned individually.

By deep cleaning, we are ensuring that each part of the microwave is removed from all grease and stains that may have been produced throughout its usage as well as having all parts be cleaned at the same time, updating the microwave’s cleanliness entirely. This also means we should clean the surface around where the microwave naturally inhabits.

When deep cleaning, as said with pesticides, we need to only use solutions that will only enhance the durability and functionality of the microwave. This means we have to be careful with what we use to clean each part. For example, we must avoid using bleach on the plastic surface as bleach will promote such damage and ineffectiveness of the functionality of the microwave.

The reason why we deep clean the microwave aside from the obvious answer to removing all stains and grease is that by removing such stains and grease, we are taking away the smell that all roaches are attracted to and replacing it with something unpleasant such as common household cleaning solutions. The removal of an incentive such as smell is a huge deterrent to the roaches’ motives to inhabit the microwave. Plus, now we have a clean microwave.

Bait and Dust Traps

Once our microwave has been deep cleaned and all attractive smells of the roaches are removed, primary preventative measures such as traps should be implemented as a form of protection for the microwave for the purpose of removing incoming roaches.

Let’s start with dust traps. The best use of dust traps involves applying them to the surrounding area. As roaches roam around searching for food, making direct contact with these dust traps will poison them, resulting in their death. It will also potentially create a domino effect in that once the initial roaches are poisoned, other roaches may feast on them and in turn get affected by the poison, resulting in their death too. Dust traps seem to be effective in getting rid of roaches from the microwave, but this is not the only way.

Shifting from dust, we will now talk about bait traps. As the name suggests, it is also a type of trap meant for eradicating infestations such as roaches using poison. In addition to the utilization of poison-like dust traps, bait traps also utilize smells that are attractive to roaches to incentivize them to move toward the trap, resulting in their capture and eventual death. It takes about 12-24 hours to successfully kill a roach when using an effective bait trap.

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Both trap types mentioned will be your go-to method for keeping the microwave cleared over time and ensuring the longevity of your microwave use.

Other Preventative Measures

Now that we have discussed the primary solutions to getting rid of roaches and protecting your microwave initially, our final goal is to keep it that way. Here, we will address other methods one may implement to keep roaches from returning.

The first method we may suggest is to make sure all openings in the microwave, such as the main door, are closed at all times. Closing and covering any openings that can be covered will reduce the number of roaches that can crawl through and inhabit. You may not be able to prevent any roaches from entering your microwave but closing and covering any opening may instead help complicate the ease of access. For example, it is much more complicated to crawl through tight spots for roaches compared to walking in the microwave due to an open door. So be sure to close and cover all possible openings the roaches may flood in.

Another method is to make sure no uneaten food is left inside. Leaving uneaten food, regardless of packaging status, will attract roaches to the microwave’s premises. Remove the content from the microwave and store them properly elsewhere, not in the microwave. Though this may be common knowledge, it is ironically easier said than done. I personally have experienced others leaving food inside the microwave either by forgetting about it or not having enough room elsewhere such as a refrigerator. It isn’t common but does happen so take care in how you deal with uneaten food, especially leftovers.

Next, and perhaps my personal favorite method, is to upkeep cleaning after every use of the microwave. There is nothing worse than when a microwave slowly piles up with its stains and grease due to the lack of upkeep. I am not perfect, but I do my best in wiping away and cleaning any spills and crumbs that happen in the microwave. This may not be employed as much if the food is made and will not produce such. If one does produce, one should immediately clean the microwave. You do not have to deep clean every time, but this upkeep maintains the microwave’s protection against roaches.

Lastly, if all else fails, call a professional exterminator, aka pest control. If you feel that your efforts are ineffective and in vain, do yourself a favor and reach out to a professional pest control company that will take matters into its own hands since they are professionally trained to do so. Never feel like you have failed in your attempts to deter roaches, as roaches are unpredictable creatures, and some are more resilient than others. There may not be stopping them and the employment of a pest control service may do the job you are seeking: to get rid of the roaches. Only contact a pest control company if your attempts have failed to avoid unnecessary charges and fees. Save money first and, if any, reach out for professional help.

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Product Recommendations

To conclude this article, we will finally address what products are available one may purchase.

Starting with the best overall bait trap for budget and effectiveness is the Hot Shot Liquid Roach Bait, pricing on Amazon is around $8. We are not saying that it is the cheapest but that the price is excellent for the quality of the bait you are given. The speed and efficiency of the bait are what make people come for more. This bait trap contains 6 bait stations for use.

Another bait trap is the Harris Roach Tablets at $5. As the name suggests, these are tablet-based bait traps. This means that not only does it do its job in killing roaches, but they are also not messy to use. This is a convenient bait type if you worry about cleaning up after its use. 145 tablets are available per container for use.

A box trap such as the Yousheng Cockroach Trap for Walmart at $9 may be a great solution as well. Its reusability makes using this trap convenient and effective in the long run. Unlike the other bait or dust traps, its goal is to simply trap the roaches. Placing an attractive smell will lure roaches to this box, resulting in their capture. You may kill it or release it in some other way but for the focus of capturing, this box does the trick.

The usage of a glue board such as the Trapper Max Glue Trap for $29 on Amazon is another great product and method for removing roaches. As the name implies, it is a glue board, meaning that each board, when unpacked, is extremely sticky and meant for capturing bugs and even mice when stepped upon. This can also be mixed with an attractive smell that lures these creatures. Along with its purpose of getting roaches and other creatures stuck, it is thin and easily placed in small crevices to ensure all sections of the premises are covered.

Finally, for our pest control, there is no company more popular than the Orkin company. They are perhaps the most popular source for pest control services and rightfully so. They specialize in neutralizing infestations of all kinds of bugs and rodents alike. The pricing for them will also depend on the requestor’s situation and the severity of it. Getting a quota is the only way to know what their prices will be. Despite this, the service has an excellent reputation that should not be ignored. Other companies such as BASFFMCHenkel, and Syngenta are all reputable in their own way so consider them too if Orkin is not an option.

Overall, roach infestation in and around microwaves and other places is no fun. Getting rid of them does not have to be a hassle and with proper care can ensure a roach infestation is reduced, if not eliminated, as well as protect your microwave’s durability and functionality. If any, call for professional help for extra assistance. Always judge accordingly what you need to get rid of roaches from your microwave.

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