What To Do If A Microwave Oven Causes A Fire

Fire safety is an important factor to consider when using any kind of appliance in the home. Microwave ovens are no exception, and knowing what to do if a fire does start can mean the difference between a minor incident and disaster.

As an expert on fire safety, I’m here to provide some helpful information about how to stay safe if your microwave catches fire.

When it comes to preventing fires caused by microwaves, prevention is key. Make sure you’re following all manufacturer’s instructions before use, and never leave food unattended while it’s cooking or heating up. Being aware of these potential risks ahead of time will help keep everyone safe from harm.

Unplug The Microwave Immediately

The sound of a fire alarm is one of the most jarring and unsettling sounds you can hear. But when it comes to microwave ovens, that sound may be all too familiar.

If your microwave causes a fire, act quickly – unplugging it as soon as possible from its power source. Make sure to keep yourself at a safe distance from the appliance while doing so, and ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen area.

When working with any electrical device during or after a fire incident, always use caution and wear protective gear if necessary. Remember, never try to extinguish an electric-based fire on your own — always call professional firefighters immediately who have been trained to handle these kinds of dangerous situations safely and effectively.

Don’t Open The Door

It is important to know what preventive measures to take if a microwave oven causes a fire.

First and foremost, do not open the door of the microwave, as this will cause oxygen to rush in, which can fan the flames and make it worse.

In an emergency situation like this one:

  1. Call 911 immediately.

  2. Unplug the appliance from its electrical source or turn off power at the circuit breaker box.

  3. Move away from the area where there may be smoke or flame coming out of the oven.

Ideally, you should have already taken steps to ensure that your appliances are up-to-date on their electrical safety checks before something like this happens; however, when it does happen, following these three steps could help save lives and prevent further property damage.

Be sure to stay safe and keep others safe by staying mindful of potential dangers with any home appliance that uses electricity!

Evacuate The Room Immediately

Once you do not open the door, the next step is to evacuate the room immediately.

It’s important that everyone gets out as quickly and safely as possible, and no one should return until authorities deem it safe. Upon leaving, make sure all electrical sources are turned off in order to avoid any further hazards or fires from occurring.

Make sure you move any flammable objects away from the source of heat or flames, such as curtains or furniture near a window.

It’s important to practice proper disposal techniques when dealing with an appliance after a fire has occurred. Disconnecting electric appliances can help reduce any chances of electrocution or additional electrical hazards related to these items.

You may also want to contact your local fire safety agency for advice on how best to dispose of a damaged microwave oven following a fire.

Call The Fire Department

If your microwave oven causes a fire, the most important thing to do is call the fire department. The sooner you take action and alert authorities, the better chance you have of containing any damage caused by the fire.

Here are 3 things that need to be done in order for a swift response from emergency services:

  • Make sure there are working smoke detectors present in each room of your home. Check them regularly to ensure they work properly; if anything seems off, replace them immediately.

  • Keep all appliances in good working condition so as not to put yourself at unnecessary risk. Test microwaves, stoves, and other kitchen gadgets on a regular basis and unplug items when they’re not in use.

  • In addition to having functioning smoke alarms and tested appliances, it’s also wise to stay up-to-date with local fire safety laws and regulations. This will help you make informed decisions about how best to protect yourself and your family should an emergency arise.

By taking these simple steps ahead of time, you can reduce the impact of a fire significantly – even if one does occur unexpectedly due to a malfunctioning appliance or faulty wiring. Being prepared is key!

Don’t Attempt To Put Out The Fire

It’s important to remember that if your microwave oven causes a fire, never attempt to use water to put it out. Turning off the power source immediately can help reduce the danger and prevent the fire from spreading. Once the power is off, it’s important to leave the area and call for help.

Do Not Use Water

When facing a kitchen fire, it’s absolutely essential to remember the cardinal rule – water and electricity do not mix! Never attempt to put out an electrical fire with liquid. Doing so could cause even more damage and potential injury or death.

It is imperative that you safely dispose of your burning appliance in order to prevent the spread of flames throughout your home. Instead, smother small fires using baking soda, sand, salt (or any other non-combustible material) and cut off its oxygen supply by closing all doors and windows.

In situations where safety can be compromised, always call 9-1-1 immediately for professional assistance.

Turn Off Power Source

Once you’ve taken the proper precautions to ensure a safe distance, it’s important that you turn off any power sources.

This could mean unplugging the appliance or switching off electricity in the home.

Doing so will reduce the risk of electric shock and further damage caused by flames.

If possible, try to move burning items away from combustible materials such as paper and furniture which may feed a fire even further.

Remember: water and electricity don’t mix, so always be sure to switch off your power source before attempting to put out a kitchen fire!

Leave The Area

Once you’ve identified the risk and taken steps to minimize damage, it’s important that everyone leaves the area immediately.

Don’t hesitate or wait to collect items; make sure all occupants exit safely, closing any doors behind them as they go.

Remember: your safety is of utmost importance!

In addition to leaving the room, remain outside until firefighters arrive on scene and have given an ‘all-clear’ signal.

Stay Low To The Ground

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a microwave oven causing a fire, it is important to remember that attempting to put out the fire can be incredibly dangerous.

The best thing you can do for your safety is stay low to the ground and avoid breathing in any smoke.

When possible, wear protective gear such as long pants and shirts made from natural fibers like cotton or wool and cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth.

Additionally, make sure you have an exit plan ready so that you are able to leave the building quickly if necessary.

It’s also essential to stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times; this way, you will know when it is safe enough to attempt putting out the fire.

Remember: staying calm and being prepared could save your life!

Make Sure Everyone Is Out Of The House

The sight of a raging fire caused by an exploding microwave oven is enough to make anyone panic. The flames and sparks dancing around the kitchen can seem like they are coming from hell itself, and the heat radiating off of them could singe your eyebrows in seconds! As a fire safety expert, I urge you to remain calm if this ever happens to you.

First and foremost, get everyone out of the house immediately using the established evacuation routes. Most importantly, don’t forget about pets or any other living beings that may be inside.

Make sure all family members have made it outside safely before attempting to put out the fire yourself. Fire safety protocols should always be followed when dealing with fires such as these; never attempt to extinguish something without proper training or equipment. Instead, call 911 right away and wait for help to arrive.

It’s essential that you act quickly but also carefully in order to protect yourself and those around you from harm during a fire emergency involving a microwave oven. Don’t let fear or confusion stop you from taking action– remember that swiftness is key!

Close Doors And Windows To Contain The Fire

It is important to act quickly and safely if a microwave oven causes a fire.

First, close all doors and windows in the room where the fire has started to contain the smoke, heat, and flames as much as possible. This will help minimize smoke inhalation and prevent the spread of the fire:

  • Turn off any fans or air vents that are running in the area.
  • Check for open doorways leading out of the room. If found, shut them immediately.
  • Shut off power sources like electrical outlets, breakers, and appliances near the fire source (if it is safe to do so).

Call 9-1-1 from another part of your home or outside if you can do so safely.

Move everyone out of the house until firefighters arrive on scene.

When dealing with any kind of kitchen fire, having working smoke detectors installed throughout your home could save lives by alerting occupants before conditions become hazardous or too dangerous to handle alone. It is also critical to have an emergency evacuation plan prepared ahead of time should a similar situation arise again in the future – one that outlines escape routes and meeting points outside away from danger.

Remain Outside Until The Fire Department Arrives

Once you have closed all the windows and doors to contain the fire, it is important that everyone remain outside until help arrives. But what should you do in between?

First of all, make sure there is proper ventilation for any smoke or fumes created by a microwave oven fire. This can be done by keeping an open window near where the fire broke out so that fresh air can enter the room and allow harmful gases to exit. If necessary, use a wet towel to cover your face while evacuating from the building. Additionally, if possible, keep any fireproof materials like blankets nearby in case they are needed to smother flames or protect against heat radiation.

It’s also important that once everyone is safely evacuated from the premises, no one is allowed back inside until given permission by a qualified authority figure – usually a firefighter or other emergency personnel at the scene. Remain calm and don’t move closer to investigate as this could put yourself and others in danger. Instead focus on remaining alert and aware of potential dangers in order to protect yourself and those around you in case of further accidents.

Have The Microwave Professionally Serviced Before Use

If a microwave oven causes a fire, it is essential to contact an experienced professional for service. They will be able to assess the damage and advise on necessary repairs or replacements.

It is important that expert advice is taken before using any appliance of this type as fires can start from improper handling. For example, if the wiring has been damaged by heat exposure then this could lead to sparks igniting a fire.

Safe handling includes checking for loose wires and ensuring all parts are in good condition prior to use. It’s also advisable to have your microwave serviced regularly so problems can be identified early which may prevent further damage occurring and reduce the risk of future fires starting.

Additionally, you should always follow manufacturer instructions when operating an appliance like this, paying close attention to safety guidelines such as not exceeding cooking times specified in recipes. Taking these precautions will help keep you and your family safe while using any electrical device.


It’s essential to remember that a microwave oven fire can quickly become serious. Taking the proper precautions and following these steps will help ensure safety for you and your family if faced with this emergency situation.

When it comes to preventing such fires, regular maintenance is key – think of it like a car tune up! If something seems off or out of place within the appliance, have an expert take a look at it as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with potential hazards in the home.

Above all else, remain calm during a microwave oven fire and follow the instructions outlined above. Having quick thinking skills under pressure is like having wings on your feet – they’ll help get you out of danger fast!

Be sure that everyone in your household knows what to do if there’s ever an incident involving a malfunctioning appliance so that no one gets hurt.

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