Trim Kits: Do You Need One for Built in Microwaves?

A trim kit is not necessary for installing a built-in microwave. Built-in microwaves are designed to be installed directly into cabinetry, creating a seamless and integrated look. However, for countertop models that you want to give a built-in appearance, a trim kit can be used to achieve a sleek and finished look. It is ultimately up to personal preference and the desired aesthetic of your kitchen.

Trim Kits Do You Need One for Built in Microwaves

When Would You Want to Use a Trim Kit for a Built-In Microwave?

While generally, you will not need a trim kit for a built-in microwave, there is a chance that you may want one in a handful of situations. Here are two of these situations, as well as why a trim kit would be useful to solve the particular problem.

1. Closing Gaps

The most common situation you might encounter is that you have gaps between your microwave and the surrounding appliances or cupboards after installation. A built-in microwave is meant to be installed in an open cabinet or cupboard shelf and unless these frames were designed with a specific microwave in mind there is a good chance there may be some gaps around the microwave, even with the enlarged trim that comes attached to the front of your built in microwave.

Adding an additional trim kit around the edges of the microwave can ensure that there are no gaps visible and that your microwave fits seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen instead of appearing like an outsider.

2. Adjusting Color

Another reason you may want to use a trim kit is to adjust the color of your microwave to match the color of other appliances in your kitchen. If you find a microwave that has a trim that doesn’t match your kitchen colors, but you could get a really good deal on the microwave, you do not want to turn it down. A trim kit can help you by helping you to match the colors to whatever you need, while still getting a microwave that you do not have to pay through the nose for.

How to Install a Trim Kit for a Built-In Microwave

To install a trim kit for a built-in microwave, you are going to want to do a couple of things. First, you are going to want to check the measurements. You will need the measurements for your microwave, as well as for the place where you are planning on installing the microwave.

Measure the height of the microwave, the width of the front, and how deep the microwave goes. Then you will need to measure the same things in the space where the microwave will end up. There are some things you need to keep in mind with these measurements. There needs to be at least two inches more height in the space than the microwave is tall. This will ensure that there is an inch of space on top and below the microwave to allow air to circulate and prevent a fire hazard.

Once you have the measurements, you know what size of trim kit you will need. Trim kits can be purchased from the microwave manufacturer, and if you have an odd set of measurements and can’t find a standard trim kit, some suppliers make custom-sized trim kits.

To install the trim kit, you will need a couple of tools. Insert the microwave into the space, making sure to leave some open air around each of the edges to allow for proper airflow. If the trim kit comes with screws you will need a handheld drill. Use the drill to install the trim kit at each of the screw holes. You may want to recruit a second person to hold the trim steady while you insert each of the screws. If the trim is attached with brackets, follow the directions on the packaging to ensure that the trim will be installed evenly and securely.

We’ve included a video below going through each of the steps of this installation project.


What is a trim kit for a built-in microwave?

A trim kit is an accessory that allows a built-in microwave to be installed seamlessly into a cabinet or wall. It covers any gaps between the microwave and the surrounding space for a polished look.

Do I need a trim kit for my built-in microwave?

It depends on the installation requirements of your specific microwave model. Some built-in microwaves may not require a trim kit if they fit snugly into the space, while others may need a trim kit for a professional, integrated appearance.

How do I choose the right trim kit for my built-in microwave?

You should choose a trim kit that is compatible with your microwave’s brand and model, as well as the dimensions of the space where you want to install it. It’s essential to measure the available space accurately to ensure a proper fit.

Can I install a built-in microwave without a trim kit?

While it is possible to install a built-in microwave without a trim kit, using a trim kit is recommended for a finished and streamlined look, as well as to maintain a seal between the microwave and the surrounding cabinets.

How do I install a trim kit for a built-in microwave?

The installation process may vary depending on the trim kit and microwave model. It usually involves securing the trim kit to the surrounding space and properly positioning the microwave within it.

Where can I purchase a trim kit for my built-in microwave?

Trim kits can typically be purchased from the same retailer where you bought your built-in microwave or from online appliance retailers and manufacturers. Be sure to check the compatibility and measurements before making a purchase.


In conclusion, while a trim kit may not be an absolute necessity for a built-in microwave, it can certainly enhance the overall look and functionality of your kitchen space. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and integrated look or simply want to make the most of your appliance, investing in a trim kit is a decision you won’t regret. So go ahead, add that finishing touch to your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly customized microwave setup!

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