Convection Microwave Ovens Pros And Cons

Hey there fellow cooking fanatics! As a convection microwave oven expert, I’m here to help you decide whether these appliances are right for your kitchen.

Convection microwave ovens offer some great features that regular microwaves don’t have – but they also come with their own set of drawbacks.

In this article, we’ll break down the pros and cons of convection microwaves so you can make an informed decision before investing in one.

Heating Speed

Convection microwave ovens offer a significant advantage when it comes to heating speed. Their powerful combination of convection and microwaves can rapidly heat food in a way that traditional ovens just can’t match.

This is due to the fact that they employ both fan-forced hot air, as well as direct microwaves which penetrate deeper into the food than regular microwaves alone.

What’s more, this rapid heating process requires significantly less energy than other methods – making convection microwave ovens highly energy efficient.

It’s worth noting that some types of foods may not be suitable for cooking with a convection microwave oven, such as those requiring slow roasting or long baking times.

Additionally, these kitchen appliances are considerably more expensive than regular microwaves, so if you’re looking for an economical option then this might not be the best choice for you.

However, if you need fast results without compromising on quality then there’s no better way to go than with a convection microwave oven!

Even Cooking

I’m really excited to talk about convection microwave ovens and their ability to provide even cooking. Uniformity is one of the main benefits of using this type of oven – food is cooked evenly throughout and there’s no need to rotate or move the food around during cooking. Additionally, convection microwaves can cook food much faster than traditional ovens, and they’re incredibly reliable so you won’t have to worry about food not being cooked properly.


When it comes to even cooking, convection microwaves are incredibly efficient. They use circulating air and heat waves to cook food evenly and quickly – saving you time and energy consumption in the process.

The built-in fan also helps create a uniform temperature throughout the microwave, so no matter where your dish is placed inside, it will be cooked at the same rate with consistent results each time! This means that there’s no more guessing about when something might be done or worrying about overcooking certain areas of the meal; everything is guaranteed to be uniformly prepared.


Not only is convection microwaves great for even cooking, but they are also super speedy! Cooking times can be cut in half compared to traditional ovens, so you don’t have to wait around forever to get your food.

Even if you’re just reheating a dish from the fridge or freezer, it’ll take no time at all – and with the same level of precision as before. You won’t have to bother with checking on things every few minutes; this microwave takes care of that work for you!

So if you’re looking for something fast and efficient when it comes to meal prep or heating up leftovers, then a convection microwave should definitely be on your list of kitchen appliances.


When it comes to cooking with a convection microwave, you can always count on reliability. It’s designed for maximum energy efficiency and longevity – so your food is cooked evenly every time without having to worry about uneven heating or over-cooking! Plus the machine itself will last longer too; no need to replace it anytime soon.

In other words, this appliance gives you peace of mind when it comes to getting meals prepared quickly and consistently. No more guesswork or wasted time in the kitchen – just delicious results each and every time.

So if reliable performance matters to you, then look no further than a convection microwave oven!

Multiple Cooking Options

Moving from the even cooking that convection microwave ovens provide, we turn our attention to their multiple cooking options.

Not only can you cook food faster than with a conventional oven but also reduce your energy consumption. This increased energy efficiency is one of the main advantages of owning a convection microwave oven – it uses up to 80% less electricity compared to other traditional oven models! With this in mind, you’ll be able to save money on both your monthly electric bill and time spent waiting for meals to finish cooking.

Furthermore, using convection microwaves allows you to customize your own cooking times according to what type of meal you’re making – from frozen entrees all the way through baking cakes and pies!

Plus, since most modern convection microwaves contain pre-programmed settings for various dishes, preparing dinner has never been easier. And because these appliances are designed with convenience in mind, clean up is often simpler too.

So not only do you get great tasting results every time but also more free time afterwards as well!

Space Saving

Compact size is one of the biggest pros of convection microwave ovens; they are usually much smaller than traditional ovens, making them an ideal space-saving solution. Wall mounting these ovens is also a great option to maximize kitchen space; however, you need to make sure you have the right wiring and wall mounting kit for proper installation. Countertop placement is another option for convection microwave ovens, but it’s important to make sure you have enough counter space to accommodate the oven.

Compact Size

When it comes to space saving, convection microwave ovens are a great choice. Their portable design makes them perfect for smaller kitchens, and they can keep counters clutter free.

Plus, their energy efficiency is an added bonus – you’re able to save on your electricity bills by using one of these appliances!

So if you’re looking for something compact and easy-to-use that won’t take up too much room in the kitchen, then a convection microwave oven is definitely worth considering.

Wall Mounting

Now, let’s talk about wall mounting your convection microwave oven.

This is a great way to save space in the kitchen and still have access to all of its features – plus it looks really stylish too!

When installing one, you need to make sure that there are adequate ventilation requirements so that heat can disperse properly.

The installation process itself isn’t complicated either; most models come with an easy-to-follow instruction guide which will help you mount it correctly.

So if you want to free up countertop space and get creative with your cooking appliance, then a wall mounted convection microwave oven could be just what you need.

Countertop Placement

Now, let’s move on to countertop placement for convection microwave ovens.

This is a great way to take advantage of its power output and cooking surface without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

Placing it on the countertop or work surface also makes sure that you have easy access to all of its features – not to mention it looks really stylish!

So if you’re looking for a convenient but aesthetically pleasing way to make use of your appliance, then this could be just what you need.


When it comes to cost, convection microwave ovens are simply a godsend.

Not only do these appliances save you time and effort in the kitchen but they also come with long term savings that will make your wallet sing for joy!

In terms of energy efficiency, convection microwaves can’t be beat.

By utilizing advanced technology such as multi-stage cooking and automatic sensors, these ovens allow you to cook quickly while saving on energy costs over time.

The bottom line is that investing in a convection microwave means making an investment in your future.

With its streamlined design and user friendly controls, this appliance is sure to become one of your most valuable kitchen tools—one which pays dividends via lower electricity bills each month and plenty of delicious meals all year round!

Quality Of Food

When evaluating the quality of food that comes out of a convection microwave oven, it’s important to look at two factors: portion size and food texture.

With regards to portion size, convection microwaves offer many advantages. They are able to cook meals quickly with minimal effort, so you can enjoy evenly cooked portions in no time. On top of this, they allow for precise temperature control, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your meal getting overcooked or burnt.

In terms of the texture of food produced by convection microwaves, it all depends on how well you utilize the appliance’s features. If used correctly, you can expect restaurant-quality dishes – crispy on the outside but juicy and tender inside. However, if not handled properly you may end up with chewy or rubbery results.

To ensure success every time, familiarize yourself with the specific settings available on your model and use them according to what type of dish you’re cooking.


When it comes to convenience and energy efficiency, convection microwave ovens are a great choice for busy households. With one device you can quickly heat up leftovers, bake cakes and cookies, dry dishes or even roast meats!

But like all kitchen appliances, the maintenance of your convection microwave oven is essential if you want to keep getting reliable performance from it.

The cleaning process for these ovens is simple but crucial – start by wiping down the interior walls with warm water and dish soap. This will remove any food residue that has built up over time as well as help prevent bacteria growth in the appliance.

You should also regularly check for loose screws and other hardware pieces so they don’t cause damage during use. Additionally, make sure to clean out the vent at least once every two months; this will ensure good ventilation while using the oven and allow air to circulate more effectively when drying dishes.

Finally, be sure to inspect the seal around the door periodically since this ensures proper insulation and prevents moisture buildup inside. Taking care of your convection microwave oven may take some extra effort on your part but it will help extend its life span while ensuring optimal results each time you use it!

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, convection microwave ovens are quite efficient. I’m a huge fan of these appliances because they don’t make as much noise as their conventional counterparts. They have built-in fans that help circulate the heat and ensure more even cooking without making too much sound.

Here are some advantages of using a convection microwave oven:

  • Reduced energy consumption – Convection microwaves take up less energy than traditional ones due to their enhanced efficiency in air circulation and heating methods.

  • Cooking time is cut down significantly – The combination of hot air circulation with microwaving results in faster cooking times for several dishes.

  • Quieter operation compared to regular microwaves – As previously mentioned, convection microwaves do not generate high levels of noise like traditional models do. This makes them ideal for households where peace and quiet are important factors.

Unlike other types of ovens, you won’t need to worry about your food being overcooked or undercooked when using a convection microwave oven – thanks to its precise temperature control system which ensures perfectly cooked meals every single time!

All in all, this type of appliance can be an excellent addition to any kitchen if you’re looking for something that will save on energy costs while providing quick and consistent results each time you use it.


Moving on from the noise level of convection microwave ovens, let’s look at another important factor: safety.

Convection microwaves are generally considered safe and don’t expose users to dangerous radiation levels, although some experts recommend not standing directly in front of them while they’re running.

Additionally, the energy efficiency of these appliances is unparalleled – they cook food quickly and evenly with minimal electricity usage due to their targeted heating capabilities.

Overall, when it comes to safety concerns around convection microwaves, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

While there are a few minor considerations to keep in mind – like not standing too close – all-in-all this type of appliance provides a reliable way for busy households to get dinner on the table without having to sacrifice time or peace of mind.


It’s easy to see why convection microwave ovens are so popular. On one hand, they offer the unparalleled convenience of a traditional microwave with the ease of use and efficiency benefits that come from cooking with hot air. On the other hand, they also provide versatility far beyond what any regular microwaves can ever do!

From heating up leftovers to roasting chicken and baking cakes – you name it! With a convection microwave oven, you can not only reheat food but also cook entire meals quickly without sacrificing flavour:

  • Bake breads or pastries in minutes;
  • Roast vegetables for an extra crunchy texture;
  • Even prepare crispy pizzas without having to heat up your conventional oven.

The possibilities are endless – all while saving time and energy at the same time. No wonder these appliances have become indispensable kitchen tools for home cooks everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Large Of A Space Do Convection Microwave Ovens Take Up?

When it comes to space saving, convection microwave ovens are a great choice. Not only do they take up less counter space than other cooking appliances, but they also don’t require any additional ventilation or ductwork – making them an energy-saving option as well!

As an expert in convection microwaves, I can tell you that the average size of these ovens is around 1 cubic foot; however, some models may be larger or smaller depending on their wattage and features.

All in all, convection microwave ovens provide you with plenty of options when it comes to saving both space and energy.

How Much Do Convection Microwave Ovens Typically Cost?

If you’re looking for a way to cut down your cooking times and save on energy costs, convection microwave ovens are an increasingly popular choice.

On average, these appliances cost between $100 – $800 dollars depending on their size and features. Most models will offer some type of energy efficiency feature that helps to reduce power consumption while still delivering the same quality performance as traditional ovens.

Additionally, convection microwaves can reduce overall cooking time by up to 30% compared with standard microwaves.

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people are making the switch!

Are Convection Microwave Ovens Safe To Use?

When it comes to convection microwave ovens, safety is one of the most important considerations.

These versatile appliances combine traditional microwaves with an additional heating element and fan for even cooking at a variety of temperatures.

This allows you to get more precise control over cooking times and temperature than you would with a standard microwave.

While some people may be worried about using them safely, these dangers are easily avoided by following the manufacturer’s instructions closely when operating your oven.

With proper care, convection microwaves can provide delicious meals while ensuring everyone’s safety in the kitchen!

How Noisy Are Convection Microwave Ovens?

As a convection microwave oven expert, I can tell you that the noise levels of these appliances depend on several factors.

Generally speaking, they are quieter than regular microwaves and will not be too loud if you’re cooking for short periods of time.

However, it’s important to note that their fans could become noticeable when running during longer cooking times.

So if you plan to use your convection microwave oven often, make sure to look out for models with low noise levels before purchasing one.

Can Convection Microwave Ovens Be Used To Cook Frozen Meals?

Cooking frozen meals with a convection microwave oven is like having your cake and eating it too! You get the convenience of a microwave, but you also get precise temperature control and cooking times.

Perfectly cooked dishes are made quickly, giving you more time to enjoy them. Plus, these special microwaves have unique features that allow for thorough yet gentle heat distribution – ensuring even results every single time.

With all this in mind, what’s not to love about using a convection microwave oven?


Convection microwave ovens are a great way to cook quickly and efficiently. While they may take up some extra space in the kitchen, their convenience and speed make them worth it.

In terms of cost, convection microwaves can range from affordable to luxurious – depending on your needs and budget. When it comes to safety, rest assured that convection microwaves have been tested extensively: they feature auto-shutoff functions to prevent overheating or power surges, as well as child lock features for added security.

As far as noise levels go, these appliances tend to be quite quiet while in use – perfect for those who want peace and quiet while cooking! Finally, when it comes to using frozen meals with convection microwave ovens, you’re sure to find success: simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your appliance and get ready to enjoy delicious food without spending hours slaving away over a hot stove!

With all this in mind, we hope you feel more confident about whether or not a convection microwave oven is right for you. Thanks for tuning in today; happy cooking!

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