5 Best Vented Microwaves for Efficient Cooking and Ventilation

In a bustling kitchen, the microwave often plays the role of a silent conductor, orchestrating the efficiency of meal prep with its timely dings and warm hums. But what if this conductor could do more than just reheat leftovers or pop popcorn? Imagine a microwave that not only cooks efficiently but also ensures your kitchen stays fresh and well-ventilated throughout the culinary symphony. Join me as we explore five of the best vented microwaves, each offering a unique blend of cooking prowess and ventilation prowess.

Here are the top 10 vented microwaves:

Black+Decker 1.6-Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave with Air Recirculation Vent

BLACK+DECKER Range Microwave with Top Mount Air Recirculation Vent, 1.6-Cu. Ft....
  • Efficient & Effective - 1000 watts of cooking...
  • 1-6 min quick start
  • 30 sec. Quick start
  • Press N' Go - One touch cooking programs allow you...
  • Incandescent Lighting - Above-the-range light...

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If you're looking for a microwave that combines efficient cooking power with a vent system to control air quality, the Black+Decker 1.6-Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave with Air Recirculation Vent could be the ideal choice for your kitchen needs. With 1000 watts of cooking power and 10 different power levels, this microwave offers versatility in cooking options.

The 30-second express cooking mode ensures quick and convenient meal preparation. The LED display with a kitchen timer and clock provides easy monitoring of your cooking progress. The inclusion of a glass turntable not only facilitates cleaning but also ensures even cooking.

The vent system in this microwave helps maintain air quality while you cook, making it a practical and efficient choice for your kitchen.

Best For: Those looking for a versatile microwave with efficient cooking power and a vent system to maintain air quality.


  • Offers 1000 watts of cooking power with 10 different levels for versatile cooking options.
  • Features a 30-second express cooking mode for quick meal preparation.
  • Includes a vent system to control air quality while cooking.


  • Mixed opinions on door alignment may affect overall quality perception.

Midea Over The Range Microwave Oven (MOR17BSA-SS)

Midea MOR17BSA-SS 1.7 Cu.ft. Over The Range Microwave Oven with Smart Touch...
  • One-touch-cook with 18 Auto Menus, and you can...
  • 1.7 cu.ft capacity with 12.5 inch turntable can...
  • 10-level power settings satisfy your different...
  • CFM 300 strong suction power with adjustable fan...
  • Bright cooktop light to serve your cooking with a...

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With its 1.7 cu.ft capacity and 10-level power settings, the Midea Over The Range Microwave Oven (MOR17BSA-SS) is a top choice for those seeking efficient cooking performance and versatility. This appliance offers a seamless cooking experience with its smart touch panel featuring 18 auto menus, making it easy to cook a variety of dishes at the touch of a button. The 300 CFM ventilation system with adjustable fan speeds ensures proper ventilation while cooking, and the bright cooktop light provides a clear view of your food. Customers have praised its sleek design, build quality, and quiet operation. For a reliable over-the-range microwave that delivers on both performance and convenience, the Midea MOR17BSA-SS is a solid option to consider.

Best For: Those looking for an over-the-range microwave with efficient cooking performance and versatile features.


  • Seamless cooking experience with smart touch panel and 18 auto menus.
  • Efficient ventilation system with adjustable fan speeds.
  • Clear view of food with bright cooktop light.


  • Some customers reported missing manual and anchoring items.

Stoneware Wave Microwave Cooker

Stoneware Wave Microwave Cooker
  • Do you eat out more than you cook at home? What if...
  • The inner diameter measures 4.5 inches, with a 3.5...
  • The Stoneware Microwave Cooker is a ceramic...
  • This cooker has been designed for safe microwave...
  • The hollow handle is one of my favorite features...

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For microwave users seeking a versatile and efficient cooking solution, the Stoneware Wave Microwave Cooker offers a convenient option with its ceramic stoneware design and specialized chimney lid for quick and easy meal preparation. This cooker, with an inner diameter of 4.5 inches and a 12-ounce capacity, is designed exclusively for safe microwave use, featuring a hollow handle that remains cool post-microwaving.

Manufactured by Stonewave, this product has garnered positive feedback, with users praising its utility in making dishes like omelets, soups, and baked apples. While users appreciate its convenience, some suggest the need for additional recipes and clearer instructions. This cooker, with dimensions of 4 x 4 x 4 inches and an item weight of 9 ounces, is well-received by customers looking for quick and easy meal solutions.

Best For: Individuals looking for a convenient and quick solution for microwave cooking.


  • Convenient and easy to use for quick meal preparation.
  • Hollow handle stays cool even after microwaving.
  • Versatile for preparing various dishes like omelets, soups, and baked apples.


  • Some users may desire more recipe options and clearer instructions.

Black+Decker Over The Range Microwave Oven (EM044KB19)

BLACK+DECKER EM044KB19 Over The Range Microwave Oven with One Touch, 1000 Watts,...
  • Pre-programmed auto menus for popcorn, potato,...
  • 1000 Watts with ten power settings, clock and...
  • Cooktop LED lighting that offers a clear and...
  • Two-speed, 400-CFM venting fan system.
  • Turntable On/Off function allows you to cook large...

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Ideal for those seeking a powerful and versatile over-the-range microwave, the Black+Decker EM044KB19 stands out with its 1000 Watts of power and convenient pre-programmed auto menus. With ten power settings, this microwave offers flexibility in cooking, while the pre-programmed auto menus make preparing various foods a breeze.

The cooktop LED lighting and two-speed, 400-CFM venting fan system ensure efficient cooking and ventilation. You can customize your cooking experience with the turntable On/Off function and benefit from its spacious interior dimensions of 19.84” x 13.78” x 9.09”. This stainless steel model also includes essential components like a glass tray turntable ring, shelf, grease filters, and an exhaust adaptor. Enjoy the convenience and performance of the Black+Decker EM044KB19 for your cooking needs.

Best For: Families or individuals looking for a powerful and versatile over-the-range microwave with convenient pre-programmed auto menus and ample cooking space.


  • 1000 Watts with ten power settings for flexible cooking.
  • Pre-programmed auto menus for easy preparation of various foods.
  • Spacious interior dimensions of 19.84” x 13.78” x 9.09” for accommodating larger dishes.


  • Some users experienced sliding issues on countertops.

GE Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Black Bundle with 2 YR CPS Enhanced Protection Pack

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Featuring a powerful 300-CFM venting system and convenient controls, the GE Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Black Bundle with 2 YR CPS Enhanced Protection Pack is a top choice for those seeking efficient cooking solutions. This model, weighing 60.9 pounds and measuring 16 x 13 x 9 inches, offers a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and 1000 watts of cooking power. With features like Convenience Cooking Controls, Turntable On/Off, and Auto and Time Defrost, this microwave enhances cooking convenience. The electronic touch control console adds a modern touch, while the included components like the turntable provide additional functionality. Customers appreciate the easy installation process, quiet vent fan, and functional keypad. Overall, this GE microwave stands out for its performance and user-friendly design.

Best For: Customers looking for a powerful and user-friendly over-the-range microwave with convenient controls and efficient cooking capabilities.


  • Powerful 300-CFM venting system
  • Convenient controls like Turntable On/Off and Auto and Time Defrost
  • Easy installation process and quiet vent fan


  • Some customers received damaged products

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vented Microwave

When selecting a vented microwave, I pay close attention to the efficiency of its ventilation system, the ease of installation, and the range of cooking power levels it offers.

The design aesthetics and noise control also play a significant role in my decision-making process.

These factors collectively contribute to finding the best vented microwave that suits my needs and preferences.

Ventilation System Efficiency

Efficiency of the ventilation system plays a critical role in selecting the best vented microwave for your kitchen. The CFM rating, indicating airflow capacity, is a key factor. Higher CFM ratings often mean a more powerful and efficient ventilation system. Proper installation and maintenance are vital for optimal performance.

Vented microwaves with adjustable fan speeds provide flexibility in managing ventilation based on cooking requirements. When choosing a vented microwave, consider these aspects to ensure effective removal of smoke, steam, and odors from your cooking space. A well-functioning ventilation system not only enhances cooking comfort but also contributes to a healthier kitchen environment.

Installation Simplicity

Considering the ease of installation is crucial when selecting a vented microwave for your kitchen, especially in ensuring proper ventilation above the stove or range. The simplicity of installation can vary depending on the model and design of the vented microwave.

Some units come with detailed installation instructions, facilitating setup. It's important to assess the available space and existing ventilation options in your kitchen before proceeding with the installation.

For more complex venting systems or over-the-range installations, professional help may be recommended to guarantee a proper setup. By choosing a vented microwave that offers easy installation features, you can streamline the process and ensure efficient ventilation in your kitchen.

Cooking Power Levels

To maximize cooking efficiency and versatility in a vented microwave, it's essential to carefully consider the available power levels.

Vented microwaves typically offer a range of 5 to 10 power settings, allowing for precise control over cooking intensity. The power levels dictate how quickly and evenly food cooks, with higher wattage models offering faster cooking times.

These different power levels are beneficial for tasks like defrosting, reheating, and cooking various food types. Microwaves with adjustable power levels provide flexibility in preparing different dishes, from delicate desserts to hearty meats.

Design Aesthetics

When choosing a vented microwave, one important factor to consider is the design aesthetics, which play a significant role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your kitchen space. Vented microwaves come in various designs, ranging from sleek stainless steel finishes to modern black or white options.

Some models feature LED lighting for the cooktop area, improving visibility and adding style to the kitchen. The control panels also contribute to the design appeal, with options ranging from traditional button interfaces to modern touchscreens.

Additionally, the size, shape, and venting systems of vented microwaves impact both aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to choose a model that fits your kitchen layout and personal preferences seamlessly.

Noise Level Control

Taking control of noise levels in a vented microwave is crucial for ensuring a peaceful cooking experience. Vented microwaves equipped with noise level control typically offer various fan speeds to tailor the venting operation to your liking. By using lower fan speeds, these microwaves can effectively reduce noise levels, creating a quieter cooking environment for everyday use.

Premium vented microwaves often incorporate noise reduction technology, which helps minimize sound output while still maintaining efficient ventilation. This feature is essential for maintaining a comfortable cooking space without unnecessary noise disruptions.

Additionally, some vented microwaves come with quiet operation modes specifically designed to lower noise output during cooking tasks, further enhancing the overall cooking experience.

Warranty Coverage Options

Considering the warranty coverage options is essential when selecting a vented microwave to safeguard your investment and ensure support in case of any issues. Most vented microwaves come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Some brands offer extended coverage for an extra cost, giving you peace of mind beyond the standard period.

Warranty durations vary, ranging from 1 year to multiple years depending on the model. It's crucial to understand what the warranty covers, which could include parts, labor, and even shipping costs for repairs or replacements. Being aware of these details will help you make an informed decision and protect your investment in the long run.


In conclusion, choosing a vented microwave can greatly improve your cooking experience. It provides efficient ventilation and ensures your food is cooked evenly.

With options like the Black+Decker 1.6-Cu. Ft. Microwave and the GE Over-the-Range Microwave, you can find a model that suits your needs and budget.

Consider factors like power, size, and features when selecting the best vented microwave for your kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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