5 Best Under Cabinet Microwave Ovens to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

When it comes to optimizing kitchen layout efficiency, considering under cabinet microwave ovens is a prudent choice. These space-saving appliances can revolutionize how you use your kitchen. The perfect blend of functionality and design is crucial in selecting the best fit for your culinary haven. Let's explore how these top 5 under cabinet microwaves can elevate your kitchen experience and make meal prep a breeze.

Here are the top 10 under cabinet microwave ovens:

Black+Decker Over The Range Microwave Oven – 1000 Watts, 1.9 Cu.ft

BLACK+DECKER EM044KB19 Over The Range Microwave Oven with One Touch, 1000 Watts,...
  • Pre-programmed auto menus for popcorn, potato,...
  • 1000 Watts with ten power settings, clock and...
  • Cooktop LED lighting that offers a clear and...
  • Two-speed, 400-CFM venting fan system.
  • Turntable On/Off function allows you to cook large...

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If you're looking for a powerful and spacious microwave oven to install under your cabinet, the Black+Decker Over The Range Microwave Oven with 1000 Watts and 1.9 Cu.ft capacity is a top choice. With ten power settings and pre-programmed auto menus for various foods, this microwave offers versatility and convenience.

The cooktop LED lighting and two-speed, 400-CFM venting fan system enhance your cooking experience. You can easily adjust the turntable with the On/Off function, and the generous internal dimensions of 19.84” x 13.78” x 9.09” provide ample space for your dishes. Customers have praised its size, style, and features, although some noted issues with sliding on the countertop and noise levels.

Overall, this Black+Decker microwave combines power and functionality for your kitchen needs.

Best For: Those looking for a powerful and spacious over-the-range microwave oven with versatile cooking options and convenient features.


  • 1000 Watts with ten power settings
  • Pre-programmed auto menus for various foods
  • Cooktop LED lighting


  • Issues with sliding on the countertop

Black+Decker Range Microwave 1.6 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt (White)

BLACK+DECKER Range Microwave with Top Mount Air Recirculation Vent, 1.6-Cu. Ft....
  • Efficient & Effective - 1000 watts of cooking...
  • 1-6 min quick start
  • 30 sec. Quick start
  • Press N' Go - One touch cooking programs allow you...
  • Incandescent Lighting - Above-the-range light...

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For those seeking a versatile and efficient microwave oven for their kitchen, the Black+Decker Range Microwave 1.6 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt (White) offers a powerful cooking solution with modern features and a sleek design. With 1000 watts of cooking power and 10 different power levels, this microwave provides efficient and effective cooking for boiling, reheating, and defrosting. The 30-second express cooking mode and LED display with a kitchen timer and clock make it easy to use. The safety lock feature ensures peace of mind, and the vent system helps control air quality while cooking. This white-finished microwave also includes a glass turntable for easy cleaning. Consider the Black+Decker Range Microwave 1.6 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt (White) for a reliable addition to your kitchen.

Best For: Those looking for an affordable and reliable microwave for everyday cooking needs.


  • Efficient cooking performance with 1000 watts of power
  • Easy-to-use 30-second express cooking mode
  • Modern design with LED display and safety lock feature


  • Mixed feedback on door alignment and build quality

GE Countertop Microwave Oven (0.7 Cubic Feet, 700 Watts)

GE Countertop Microwave Oven| 0.7 Cubic Feet Capacity, 700 Watts | Kitchen...
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL: 700 watts of power and 0.7...
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Freestanding microwave can...
  • CONVENIENT CONTROLS: Simple, one-touch operation...
  • EASY AUTO OR MANUAL DEFROST: Defrosting times and...
  • SOLID, SLEEK DESIGN: Clean lines, electronic...

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When considering the GE Countertop Microwave Oven (0.7 Cubic Feet, 700 Watts) for your kitchen, its compact size and versatile installation options make it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient space utilization. This stainless steel microwave boasts a sleek design with a glass turntable, offering convenient one-touch operation and defrost options for optimal results. Customers appreciate its compact size and design, although some mention durability concerns. Installation options include freestanding or under cabinet, with feedback on the included hanging kit and installation process. While there are mixed opinions on heating efficiency and noise level, the GE microwave is praised for its solid build. Warranty coverage, including Amazon's return policy and manufacturer support, adds to the overall satisfaction, making it a recommended choice for small spaces.

Best For: Small kitchens or spaces where efficient space utilization is a priority.


  • Compact size and design ideal for small spaces
  • Versatile installation options for freestanding or under cabinet use
  • Convenient one-touch operation and defrost options for optimal results


  • Some durability concerns reported by customers

Midea Over The Range Microwave Oven (MOR17BSA-SS)

Midea MOR17BSA-SS 1.7 Cu.ft. Over The Range Microwave Oven with Smart Touch...
  • One-touch-cook with 18 Auto Menus, and you can...
  • 1.7 cu.ft capacity with 12.5 inch turntable can...
  • 10-level power settings satisfy your different...
  • CFM 300 strong suction power with adjustable fan...
  • Bright cooktop light to serve your cooking with a...

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With its adjustable fan speeds and bright cooktop light, the Midea Over The Range Microwave Oven (MOR17BSA-SS) caters to those seeking efficient cooking with clear visibility in their under cabinet microwave ovens. This microwave oven boasts a 1.7 cu.ft capacity with a 12.5-inch turntable, offering 10-level power settings producing 1000W outcome power. The 300 CFM ventilation system includes adjustable fan speeds, ensuring proper airflow during cooking.

The bright cooktop light enhances visibility while cooking, and the 30 seconds express cooking feature adds convenience. The smart touch panel with 18 auto menus simplifies the cooking process. With dimensions of 29.88*16.41*15.41 inches (Product) and 20.9*13.8*10.1 inches (Interior), this Midea microwave oven combines functionality with a sleek design, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Best For: Those looking for a versatile over-the-range microwave oven with efficient cooking capabilities and clear visibility during food preparation.


  • Offers a spacious 1.7 cu.ft capacity with 12.5-inch turntable for various cooking needs.
  • Features 10-level power settings with 1000W outcome power for precise cooking control.
  • Equipped with a smart touch panel and 18 auto menus for easy and convenient cooking.


  • Some customers reported issues with missing manual and anchoring items.

GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave

GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave
  • GE 1. 1 cuft 800W Turntable MWO SS
  • This countertop microwave oven is built-in capable...
  • Cavity (W x H x D)- 17-3/8 x 9 x 12-1/4 inches

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To maximize space efficiency in your kitchen, consider the GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave, ideal for those seeking a sleek and modern design with reliable performance. This countertop microwave from GE offers a 1 cubic foot capacity and operates at 800 watts, providing even heating for your dishes. The stainless steel design not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also ensures durability. Installation is made easy with a matching trim kit, although some users have reported issues with the door hinge design and visible fingerprints on the finish. Despite minor drawbacks, the GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave receives positive feedback for its quiet operation and defrost function, making it a suitable option for those in need of a compact yet powerful microwave.

Best For: Small kitchen spaces looking for a sleek and modern countertop microwave with reliable performance.


  • Even heating for dishes
  • Quiet operation
  • Defrost function


  • Door hinge design may cause inconvenience

Factors to Consider When Choosing Under Cabinet Microwave Ovens

When selecting an under cabinet microwave oven, it's essential to consider factors like size, power, and installation options.

The dimensions must fit the space available, and the wattage should align with your cooking needs.

Additionally, ventilation systems and cooking features are crucial aspects to evaluate for optimal functionality.

Size and Dimensions

Considering the available space and dimensions is crucial when selecting an under cabinet microwave oven. Measure the height, width, and depth requirements to ensure proper clearance and ventilation. It's important to check the weight capacity of the cabinet to support the microwave securely. Evaluate the interior capacity to ensure it fits the dishes you use. Confirm the mounting options for a stable installation.

Power and Wattage

Efficiency plays a key role in selecting the right under cabinet microwave oven, with power and wattage being crucial factors to consider. When choosing a microwave, it's essential to pay attention to the power output, typically measured in watts. Higher wattage models, around 700-1000 watts, are suitable for most cooking tasks, providing faster and more even cooking.

If you prefer quick cooking or have specific culinary needs, opting for a higher wattage microwave can be beneficial. The wattage directly impacts the speed and consistency of cooking, so aligning it with your cooking habits is essential.

Understanding the power and wattage of the microwave helps you assess its performance and suitability for your kitchen requirements.

Installation Options

What're the key factors to consider when selecting under cabinet microwave ovens for installation in your kitchen space?

Under cabinet microwave ovens typically require specific installation kits for secure mounting under standard kitchen cabinets, optimizing counter space. Installation may involve drilling holes for mounting brackets or utilizing existing cabinetry for support.

It's crucial to consider ventilation and clearance requirements during installation to ensure proper airflow and functionality. Some models offer versatile installation options, allowing for wall mounting or countertop placement.

Ventilation System

When selecting under cabinet microwave ovens for installation, one crucial aspect to consider is the effectiveness of the ventilation system in removing smoke, steam, and odors from the cooking area. The ventilation system typically consists of a fan that circulates air and a filter that traps grease and food particles. Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining air quality and preventing the buildup of stale air in the kitchen.

Different models may offer varying power levels for efficient air circulation, with some even providing adjustable fan speeds to customize ventilation based on specific cooking needs. Ensuring a robust ventilation system in your under cabinet microwave oven is key to keeping your kitchen fresh and free of cooking byproduct buildup.

Cooking Features

Considering the versatility of cooking options, when selecting an under cabinet microwave oven, prioritize models with multiple power levels and cooking presets to cater to various cooking needs. Opt for units equipped with sensor cooking technology that adjusts settings based on food moisture levels for optimal results. Look for under cabinet microwaves with convection cooking capabilities for quicker and more uniform cooking. Ensure the interior is easy to clean and has a removable turntable for hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, consider models with child lock features for enhanced safety in households with children. These key features will enhance your cooking experience and make meal preparation more convenient.

These features will enhance your cooking experience and make meal preparation more convenient.

Design and Style

To make an informed choice when selecting an under cabinet microwave oven, one should consider the design and style elements that complement their kitchen space seamlessly.

When looking at design and style, it's essential to prioritize a compact size that fits under cabinets without occupying too much space. Opting for sleek and modern designs can elevate the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. Some models even offer customizable finishes to match existing decor.

Built-in capable options, along with matching trim kits, provide a cohesive look for a well-designed kitchen. Additionally, features like hidden controls or touchpad designs help maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance, adding to the overall appeal of the space.

Warranty Coverage

As a consumer looking to choose an under cabinet microwave oven, understanding the warranty coverage is crucial for protecting your investment. Warranty coverage typically spans 1 to 2 years, varying by manufacturer.

Some brands offer extended warranty options at an extra cost, ensuring longer protection for your appliance. The coverage may encompass both parts and labor, guaranteeing repairs or replacements for malfunctions or defects.

It's essential to review the warranty terms for any exclusions, such as damages from misuse or unauthorized repairs, to grasp the extent of coverage. By comprehending the warranty coverage, you can make an informed decision and safeguard your investment in an under cabinet microwave oven.


Overall, choosing the best under cabinet microwave oven for your kitchen can make a big difference in maximizing your space and efficiency.

Consider factors such as size, wattage, and design to find the perfect fit for your needs.

With options like the Black+Decker Over The Range Microwave Oven and GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave, you can easily upgrade your kitchen with a sleek and functional appliance.

Happy cooking!

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