5 Best 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens for Quick and Efficient Cooking

When I think of microwave ovens, I'm reminded of a well-orchestrated kitchen symphony where timing is everything. Much like a seasoned conductor, the right appliance can ensure that every culinary note is perfectly executed. Curious which 1100 watt microwave ovens hit all the right culinary notes for quick and efficient cooking? Stay tuned to discover how these kitchen virtuosos can elevate your cooking experience to a whole new level.

Here are the top 10 1100 watt microwave ovens:

Farberware Countertop Microwave (1.1 Cu. Ft., 1100 Watts)

Farberware Countertop Microwave 1100 Watts, 1.1 Cu. Ft. - Microwave Oven With...
  • QUICK & EASY: Prepare meals and snacks in a snap...
  • CONVENIENT: Farberware 1.1 Cu. Ft. black microwave...
  • COOK EASY & POWERFUL: it offers 10 power levels...
  • GET A CLEAR VIEW: The LED display with kitchen...
  • STYLE & FUNCTION: stylish black front and handle...

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For those seeking a compact yet powerful microwave option, the Farberware Countertop Microwave (1.1 Cu. Ft., 1100 Watts) stands out with its 1100 Watts output power and convenient one-touch cooking programs. This microwave, with its LED lighting and child lock feature, offers 10 power levels and multi-stage cooking capabilities. The 6 one-touch cooking programs, along with the ability to defrost by weight or time, make meal preparation a breeze. The easy-view interior LED lighting and memory function for customized settings enhance user experience. With a stylish black design and a child safety lock, this microwave isn't only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Compact in size and weighing 5.5 pounds, it's ideal for small kitchens or dorm rooms.

Best For: Small households or individuals living in dorm rooms looking for a compact yet powerful microwave option.


  • 1100 Watts output power for efficient cooking
  • Compact size suitable for small spaces
  • Easy-to-use one-touch cooking programs


  • Some users reported issues with the turntable design

Toshiba Countertop Microwave Oven (EM131A5C-SS)

TOSHIBA EM131A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Ovens 1.2 Cu Ft, 12.4" Removable...
  • 【Pre-programmed sensor menu】 for optimum...
  • 【Stylish Appearance with Large Interior, fitting...
  • 【Other Functions】1100 watts with 10 power...
  • 【Practical Control Panel】Large digital...
  • 【Mute Function】If you wish to mute the buzzer...

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With its stylish stainless steel exterior and efficient cooking performance, the Toshiba Countertop Microwave Oven (EM131A5C-SS) is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and modern kitchen appliance. Boasting a 1.2 Cu Ft capacity and 1100W power, this microwave offers a pre-programmed sensor menu for popular foods, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection. The large 12.4-inch removable turntable allows for even heating, while the 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer provide versatility and convenience.

With features like sensor reheating, a large digital display, and a safety lock feature, the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS delivers on both functionality and style. Users praise its quiet operation, easy-to-use touch pad, and overall cooking performance, making it a top choice for efficient cooking.

Best For: Those looking for a modern and efficient countertop microwave with stylish design and reliable performance.


  • Even and fast cooking performance
  • Easy-to-use touch pad with quick touch options
  • Quiet operation compared to other microwaves


  • Attracts fingerprints easily

Farberware Countertop Microwave 1100 Watts, 1.2 cu ft – Smart Sensor Microwave Oven

Farberware Countertop Microwave 1100 Watts, 1.2 cu ft - Smart Sensor Microwave...
  • CONVENIENT MICROWAVE: Prepare quick and easy meals...
  • POWERFUL SETTINGS: This microwave has ten power...
  • PERFECT SIZE: Measuring 1.2 cu ft, this microwave...
  • ALL YOU NEED: This microwave has a clear LED...
  • FARBERWARE: From weeknight favorites to family...

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Ideal for those seeking a powerful and reliable microwave oven with smart sensor technology, the Farberware Countertop Microwave 1100 Watts stands out for its user-friendly design and efficient performance. With 1100 watts of power and a 1.2 cu ft capacity, this microwave offers ten power levels, six one-touch cooking options, and defrost settings by weight or time. The LED display includes a kitchen timer and clock, while the child safety lock ensures peace of mind. Its easy-to-clean black interior and stainless steel exterior provide durability and a sleek look. Users appreciate the spacious interior, smooth-turning turntable, and intuitive keypad. The quick-start function and sensor cooking feature make cooking hassle-free and intelligent. Enjoy reliable performance, durability, and quiet operation with the Farberware Countertop Microwave.

Best For: Those looking for a powerful and reliable microwave oven with smart sensor technology.


  • Efficient performance with 1100 watts of power
  • User-friendly design with intuitive keypad and digital display
  • Spacious interior and quick-start function for hassle-free cooking


  • Mixed feedback on grill function and durability over time

Panasonic Countertop Microwave Oven NN-SU66LS – 1100W, 1.3 cu ft, Stainless Steel

Panasonic NN-SU66LS 1100W with Genius Sensor Cook and Auto Defrost Countertop...
  • Delicious Foods, Smarter Cooking with Panasonic...
  • Auto Sensor and Auto Cook: Panasonic microwave...
  • Minimum Countertop Footprint: Smart, compact...
  • Microwave Popcorn: Choose from 3 power level...
  • Keep Warm: Keeps foods like vegetables, soups,...

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When seeking a microwave that combines power and compact design, the Panasonic Countertop Microwave Oven NN-SU66LS stands out as a versatile option for various living spaces. With 1100W of power and a 1.3 cu ft capacity, this microwave offers efficient cooking capabilities suitable for different cooking needs. The Genius Sensor technology ensures automatic settings for optimal cooking results, while the 7 preset smart cooking options and Auto Defrost feature add convenience to your kitchen routine.

The sleek stainless steel design not only enhances your kitchen's aesthetics but also provides durability. Customers appreciate the modern design, easy-to-use features like automatic defrost, and overall performance. Despite some reported durability issues, the Panasonic NN-SU66LS remains a popular choice for those looking for a powerful and compact microwave.

Best For: Those seeking a powerful and compact microwave with automatic cooking settings and a sleek design.


  • Genius Sensor technology for automatic cooking settings
  • Compact design suitable for various living spaces
  • 7 preset smart cooking options for added convenience


  • Reported durability issues

Sharp 1.4 CuFt Countertop Microwave (ZSMC1461HW)

SHARP ZSMC1461HW Oven with Removable 12.4" Carousel Turntable, Cubic Feet, 1100...
  • Family-sized 1.4 cu. ft. capacity, 1100 watts,...
  • New! Gray Interior; New! White LED Display; New!...
  • 12.4" Carousel turntable for even cooking; 10...
  • Convenient "+30 seconds" key for instant start;...
  • Weight and Time Defrost for quick and accurate...

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For those seeking a reliable microwave oven with innovative features and efficient cooking capabilities, the Sharp 1.4 CuFt Countertop Microwave (ZSMC1461HW) is a top choice. With a 1.4 cu. ft. capacity and 1100 watts of power, this white microwave boasts a gray interior, white LED display, LED interior lighting, and a 12.4' carousel turntable. Offering 10 power levels, sensor cook, auto cook, and weight and time defrost options, it caters to diverse cooking needs. Users praise its cooking and reheating capabilities, although some experienced delays in delivery and loose control panel issues.

Despite these minor setbacks, the microwave stands out for its heating efficiency and crisping abilities, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Best For: Those looking for a reliable and efficient microwave with innovative features and excellent cooking capabilities.


  • 1.4 cu. ft. capacity and 1100 watts of power for versatile cooking options
  • Features a gray interior, white LED display, and LED interior lighting for easy use
  • 10 power levels, sensor cook, and auto cook functions for convenient cooking experiences


  • Some users reported delays in delivery and loose control panel issues

Factors to Consider When Choosing 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens

When selecting an 1100 watt microwave oven, it's crucial to assess the wattage for optimal cooking power. Additionally, considering the size and capacity ensures it suits your cooking needs.

Exploring the cooking features, design, and user-friendly controls are also key factors to evaluate for a seamless kitchen experience.

Wattage Considerations

Opting for an 1100 watt microwave ensures faster cooking times and enhanced efficiency when preparing various meals. The wattage of a microwave significantly impacts how quickly food heats up, making higher wattage models ideal for cooking larger or denser food items.

Wattage is a crucial factor in determining a microwave oven's overall efficiency and performance. By choosing the appropriate wattage level, you can achieve optimal cooking results for a wide range of food types. It's important to consider wattage when selecting a microwave, as it directly affects cooking power and speed.

With an 1100 watt microwave, you can enjoy quicker cooking times and more efficient meal preparation, saving time and energy in the kitchen.

Size and Capacity

When choosing an 1100 watt microwave oven, one must carefully consider the size and capacity to ensure it meets their cooking needs and fits their kitchen space appropriately.

1100 watt microwaves typically offer medium to large capacities ranging from 1.1 to 1.4 cubic feet. It's essential to take into account the physical dimensions of the microwave to guarantee it fits in your kitchen space.

Larger capacity microwaves are ideal for family use or preparing bigger dishes, while smaller capacity models are more suitable for individuals or smaller households.

The size and capacity of the microwave play a crucial role in determining the types and sizes of dishes that can be accommodated for cooking efficiently.

Cooking Features

Considering the cooking features of 1100 watt microwave ovens is essential for maximizing their efficiency and convenience in meal preparation. These microwaves offer fast cooking with high power output, along with features like sensor cooking, auto cook options, and preset menus for easy meal prep.

Some models include functions such as defrost by weight or time, popcorn settings, and quick start options, enhancing their versatility. With multiple power levels, sensor reheat functions, and express cooking programs, users can enjoy a range of cooking capabilities.

Designed for even heating and quick meal preparation, 1100 watt microwave ovens provide convenient cooking experiences for daily use.

Design and Style

Size and dimensions play a crucial role in selecting the ideal 1100 watt microwave oven for your kitchen space. When considering design and style, look for a microwave that complements your kitchen decor. Whether you prefer a sleek stainless steel finish, a modern black exterior, or a classic white design, choose one that fits your aesthetic.

Additionally, check for user-friendly controls and an easy-to-read display for convenience in operation. Durability and build quality are essential factors to ensure long-term use. Explore different color options and finishes to match your kitchen aesthetics seamlessly. Finding a microwave that not only functions efficiently but also adds to the overall look of your kitchen can enhance your cooking experience.

User-Friendly Controls

As I explore 1100 watt microwave ovens, one key factor to prioritize is the user-friendly controls. Look for models with intuitive keypads and digital displays for easy operation. Consider microwaves that offer one-touch cooking programs, simplifying meal preparation.

Opt for units with express cooking options for swift heating of food when time is of the essence. Ensure the microwave includes a child safety lock feature for households with young children to prevent accidents.

Additionally, choose a model with memory functions that allow you to save customized settings for frequently used cooking modes, adding convenience to your cooking routine. Prioritizing user-friendly controls can greatly enhance your overall experience with the microwave.

Durability and Reliability

When selecting a 1100 watt microwave oven, prioritizing durability and reliability is essential for consistent cooking performance. These microwaves are built to last, offering a sturdy construction that ensures long-term functionality.

With their reputation for providing reliable cooking power, users can depend on 1100 watt microwaves to deliver efficient and effective results consistently. Designed to withstand daily use, these microwaves offer a dependable cooking option for a variety of food items.

Their durability and reliability make them a top choice for households looking for consistent performance in the kitchen. When investing in a microwave, opting for a model known for its longevity and reliability can significantly enhance your cooking experience.

Price and Value

Prioritizing affordability and value is crucial when selecting a 1100-watt microwave oven. It's important to consider not only the upfront cost but also the long-term value the appliance will provide.

Evaluate the features and functions offered in relation to the price point to ensure you're getting the most for your money. Look for warranties and customer support options to guarantee that you're investing in a product that will last.

Make sure to compare prices across different brands and models to find the best deal that suits your budget. Additionally, factor in energy efficiency and operating costs over time to assess the overall value of the microwave oven you choose.


In conclusion, when it comes to quick and efficient cooking, these 1100 watt microwave ovens are top contenders. Whether you choose the Farberware, Toshiba, Panasonic, or Sharp models, you can't go wrong with their power and features.

Consider factors like size, power levels, and extra features to find the best fit for your kitchen. Upgrade your cooking game with one of these fantastic microwave ovens today!

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